Diabetes Without Pains

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I have been a diabetic since 1994 when my glucose tolerance test revealed that I’m not metabolizing my sugar within normal limits. My parents were diabetic and died of complications from it, this puts me and my siblings in at risk mode. I changed my life style immediately, tried several diets include the ADA, South beach, etc. I joined several gym clubs. I read, asked questions, compared notes with other diabetics. My fear of the horrible complications from diabetes was a motivation to change my life style. I a pick my food and use glycemic index as a guide. I exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week, sometime longer depending on my glucose score.

I test myself every morning and before going to bed and keep a record of my numbers, including my A1C. the meals and snacks I had the previous days.

Living with diabetes does not have to be death wish. We have control of our lives and can live a normal satisfied life.

By Ike Santos

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