My diabetes journey

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My diabetes journey began in May of 2005. I went to the doctor for a routine checkup / Physical and the doctor told me at that visit that I was a diabetic. She immediately gave me some samples of a medication that didn’t work for me and only caused my blood sugar to go higher. I was put on a different medication and it is wonderful at helping me control my blood sugar. My journey is not and has not been easy for me as I still have ups and downs with taking care of myself. I do my best to watch what I eat and work very hard at curbing my sweet intake. I had lost about 65 pounds by just watching what I was eating, but I am currently putting weight back on. I have been out of sorts dealing with my achilles tendons being partially ruptured. I have had both feet operated on and am still in recovery mode from the last surgery. It has and is very hard for me right now as I cannot exercise the way I would like to get myself back on track of losing this weight. My blood sugar are running in the control category of between 78 and low 100’s fasting and at night before bed I am running around the 120’s. I fight a never ending battle daily with what I need to eat as to eating what I want. My journey is still basically at the beginning and I wish I could find the help and support I need to win the battle with this journey that I am on.

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