Diabetes and Hearts

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I traveled to China as a newly diagnosed diabetic and was totally paranoid about losing my insulin pens. Guess what? I lost them in the hubbub of travel. I notified my guide for the journey along with my traveling companions. Sixteen of us traced our steps for the past 24 hours, scouring buses, taxis, restaurants, and shops, while my guide worried about finding something like the insulin pen in China to replace mine. Insulin pens were not and still are not well known in China and purchasing one there is likely out of the question.

I could not believe how caring everyone was and willing to sacrifice their time in Beijing to help me. The last place we looked was in the stack of luggage that arrived at the hotel while we were out for the day. Lo and behold, it was at the bottom of the pile of mostly black luggage in its small black case. So all was well.

In fact it was more than well. My fellow travelers, most of whom were strangers at the beginning of the trip, were now my new found friends with hearts as big as the world. While looking for my supplies, they learned how life threatening diabetes is and now look out not only for me, but for their loved ones at home as well.

I discovered that traveling with diabetes isn’t horrible. In my travels I have found very caring friends with big hearts, and I’ve also learned how to pack and protect extras.

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