Hot Breakfasts to Enjoy with Diabetes

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  • Diabetes friendly Broccoli and Tomato Omelette

Winter is in full swing and it feels good to start the day with a hot meal. However, certain choices might not be the right ones for people with diabetes. Discover a few hot breakfasts to enjoy when you have diabetes.

  • Whole grain cereal is a quick and tasty breakfast when you get up on a chilly winter day. Choose whole grain cereals such as plain oatmeal, farina or a bowl of grits. Prepare them from scratch rather than getting packaged versions that tend to be higher in sodium, sugar and other unwanted additives. If using prepackaged versions, choose plain. Stay away from extras such as sugar and butter. Instead, top off a bowl of hot cereal with skim milk, a handful of nuts or a tbsp of nut butter for protein and some fresh berries.
  • Plain scrambled eggs and toast are an old-fashioned favorite that is also a great hot breakfast choice for people with diabetes. It is both tasty and healthy and includes protein and carbohydrates. Whip up the egg with a dash of skim milk. For extra flavor, add some chopped fresh herbs. Cook the egg in a nonstick pan with cooking spray. Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and top if off with a touch of low-fat cream cheese, sugar-free jelly or a light butter substitute.
  • Change the way you think about breakfast by adding vegetables and protein. Consider making a hearty vegetable omelet. Sauté fresh vegetables such as chopped broccoli, spinach, onions, red peppers and green peppers. Whip up an egg with skim milk and add the sautéed vegetables. Add spices such as rosemary, garlic and oregano. Cook in a nonstick pan coated with cooking spray. When the egg is done add some low fat cheese. This power-packed breakfast is sure to keep you energized until lunchtime. Serve with toast or a small serving of breakfast potatoes and you have a complete breakfast.
  • Burritos are not just for lunch or dinner anymore. Many restaurants are adding breakfast burritos to their menus and you can, too. Best of all, you can eat this fast, hot meal on-the-go. Prepare an egg as if you are making the omelet above. Instead of making it the shape of an omelet, simply scramble it. Place the scrambled egg in a warm whole-grain tortilla. Add a dash of nonfat cheddar cheese and salsa for a yummy breakfast that is sure to be a great start to your day.
  • A decadent choice is a whole-wheat pancake. Use whole wheat flour or a low-sodium, sugar-free whole wheat pancake mix to make them. Substitute skim milk for whole milk in the mix. For added flavor, add a half teaspoon of slivered or chopped almonds to the mix. Prepare in a nonstick pan with cooking spray and no butter. Top off with a few fresh blueberries and sugar-free blueberry syrup. This is a breakfast you can look forward to. Add some protein to your breakfast like a string cheese.
  • When you consider hot breakfast choices, remember to watch your portion sizes. Never add fats, sweets or alcohol to your breakfast menu. Include vegetables, fruit and protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy items. Use cooking sprays rather than butter to cook foods. Lean meats are preferred such as turkey sausage or bacon. Drink coffee or tea with 2 percent milk rather than half and half. Stay away from sugar and use a sugar substitute if you need a touch of sweetness.

Having diabetes doesn’t have to limit your options when you want a hot breakfast. A few simple substitutions can help you prepare a delicious, healthy breakfast to start your day the right way. Experiment with diabetes-friendly combinations to come up with your own yummy options.

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