Dealing With Your Food Police

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Sometimes we lose control when it comes to eating the right foods. Unfortunately, improper eating quickly leads to other health problems for people with diabetes. Learn how to deal with your food police by using these 5 simple tips to take back eating.

  • Listen to your diabetes health care team and maintain a food diary. There will food police lurking around every corner. Steer clear of temptations and misguided advice. Know what you can eat then stick to it. There are plenty of pleasurable foods that won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived. If the food police become persistent, tell them politely but firmly that you are in control of your dietary requirements. Let them know that there are no foods off limits when you have diabetes-just moderation. Maintain a food diary to keep track of when you eat and when you take your diabetes medications to avoid errors.
  • Small changes in your routine add up to big results. View new eating habits as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Approach food and eating in new way to stabilize your blood sugar, avoid weight gain and lead a healthier life. If you are overweight, losing just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight matters. It can help lower your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level. Controlling what you put in your mouth makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. Eat foods that are low in fat, high in nutrients and moderate in calories. Exercise at least five days a week to stay fit and help eliminate stress that can lead to overeating.
  • Be aware of sweet and salty temptations then develop a plan to avoid them. You will always be surrounded by cake, candy, potato chips and soda. If you go to a party, keep snacks on hand that you can eat such as sugar free desserts. Be aware of sugars, salt and calories lurking in condiments such as salad dressing. Walden Farms products are a good choice. Eat fresh fruit rather than fruit packed in syrup. Drink six to eight glasses of water each day to ward off hunger and remain hydrated. Eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages. Limit your alcohol intake at parties to one four ounce serving for a woman and one – two servings for a man depending on his age. Test your blood glucose levels regulars and record them to bring to medical appointments.
  • Know the right carbohydrates to include in your diet. Cutting out carbohydrates is not the answer. The key is including the right ones in your daily diet. Limit or avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread, rice and pasta as well as processed snack foods. Choose carbohydrates that are slow-release and high fiber so your blood sugar levels do not soar. Better choices include whole wheat pasta, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Choose a bran muffin over pastry or a croissant. Muesli or natural granola cereals are better than sugar-coated selections but portion size is the most important factor.
  • Be in the know about fats. Choose healthy fats such as olive oil or nuts. Have a small portion of nuts because they are also high in calories. Limit saturated fats from animal products and dairy. Get rid of trans-fats which are in packaged foods and fast foods. Too much of the wrong type of fats can lead to circulatory problems, heart attack and obesity. Healthy choices include whole grains, fruits, vegetables as well as low-fat dairy and lean meats.

The food police can be friends, family or co-workers who offer unsolicited advice. The food police can also be that voice in your head that tempts you to eat the wrong foods. Having a plan and sticking to it makes it easier to manage your diabetes for a healthier life.

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