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I was diagnosed with type II diabetes after my first doctor told me it was just stress and thyroid making me tired. My new doctor took my blood sugar and the reading was in the high 400s.

My treatment included all the medications plus insulin. I kept upping the insulin at my doctors request because it didn’t do anything to bring my levels down. I was up to 100 units/day and the pharmacy told me they couldn’t refill my insulin that quickly. I knew there was something wrong with this and started looking for a cure.

I read, based on web research, an article by the author of the Rosedale diet who claimed that diabetes could be curbed by his diet. The diet is based on the idea that our Leptin levels determine how our body responds to insulin. I read the book and started the diet. To simplify the diet it was low carb, low fat, and protein. I was able to eat lean meats and vegetables excluding high glycemic index foods. This diet worked for a number of months and my sugar levels were between 90-140 to start and began to creep back into the 160-180 range. I was able to stop all meds.

During the time between “cures” I found several online folks who peddle their supplements to control blood sugar. Each of these options have their own merit but I found these pills of little help in controlling my sugar levels.

I, again, researched the issue and found “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes”. I have been on the vegan diet he illustrates in his book for almost 3 months and have returned to normal levels of 90-140. I have had the additional benefit of losing 5 pounds without additional excercise and am still losing. The vegan diet is suggested because of the fat stored in our cells that “cause” insulin resistance.

Giving up meat, cheese, and eggs is like giving up a sense like taste or smell. It’s been hard but worth it. I don’t take any meds and am able to stay within guidelines without thinking about it. I would recommend this diet to anyone wishing to eliminate or reduce their medications and begin a healthy lifestyle. But don’t take my word for it. Read the book!

I have met so many people that have just accepted diabetes as a slow death sentence. There’s enough evidence out there that our diet has a lot to do with the changes in our body’s ability to heal itself. I encourage all of you to research the matter and learn about the alternatives to drugs and supplements.

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