About How I Became a Diabetic

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I was diagnosed in January 2004 with type II diabetes. I was not feeling well and just lost my job which I had for 12 years. I feel asleep at work and got fired. I went to my doctor and told him I have been falling asleep a lot for no reason so he sent me to have a sleep study and also some bloodwork. I found out that I have sleep apnea so I need to sleep with this weird looking mask on my wife says I sound like Darth Veder when I sleep.

The bloodwork came back and my blood sugar was over 500 so he suggested I get admitted into the hospital to get under control. I had some symptoms of dry mouth always thirsty for about a month before I found out that I had the diabetes.They said I had type II diabetes. It is someone who is diagnosed who does not need insulin which is usually type I and Juvenile diabetes. I was put on 2 different pills twice a day and was under control.

In 2006, I moved and got a new Doctor. he follows my diabetes like a hawk and he did not like how my evening #’s sometimes spike so he put me on an injectable medicine to take twice a day as well as the pills called byetta. Well, in 2007, I started to put some weight on and the Doctor put on on Levemir Flexpen once in the morning it is insulin long acting and also put me on Lyrica for diabetic
foot pain.

Now I just been diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain and have been going to the gym but stopped due to the sciatic nerve. I was taking Herbalife shakes twice a day and eating a healthy sensible diet I lost 25 pounds. I have been unemployed for over a year and have been depressed so I started eating again and put some weight back on but as soon as this sciatic nerve pain is over going to get back in shape want to drop 40 pounds at least to get off some of this medication maybe even cured who knows if I drop enough weight.

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