Angel Sent From Heaven

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A about 15 years ago I moved to a new house. To me it was just another move. Little did I know that I could change someones life. After about 5 years an elderly women moved in next to me as my new neighbor. She had moved from an old farm and her mother had just died. She was severely depressed and and type 2 diabetic. She can’t drive, can’t walk without stumbling, and would never smile. She went to the doctor often. I started to visit her daily, send her weekly newspapers, cook meals for her, and the list would go on and on.

Everyday she was walking more, which meant her ankles didn’t swell as much. I drove her to appointments and her doctor said she is better than she has every been! She used to sneak candy bars, ice cream, and all sorts of stuff into her house. Now she loves her fruits and vegetables! She told me that I was really and angel sent from heaven!

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