ADW Diabetes has teamed up with the Durham Diabetes Coalition by donating hundreds of blood glucose meters and other diabetes testing supplies to people in the local Durham area that do not have the resources to get these much needed supplies to maintain their health.

The Durham Diabetes Coalition, located in Durham, North Carolina, offers free diabetes information to the community of Durham. It is estimated that 12% of the adult residents of Durham have diabetes, many of them not knowing that they do. The Durham Diabetes Coalition reaches out to the community in a number of ways – all with the goal of improving diabetes and providing education about how to manage diabetes. From free home visits, weekly classes, community programs, health screening opportunities, and their media efforts that include television, radio, print, and the Internet, the DDC is constantly finding ways to push diabetes education to the residents of Durham and beyond. The DDC is a joint effort between Duke University, Durham County Department of Public Health, The University of Michigan Center for Geospatial Medicine, local government, faith-based groups and organizations, and volunteers.

“This donation from ADW Diabetes is a true blessing,” says Khadijah R. Barber of the Durham Diabetes Coalition. Barber goes on to say, “Many of the people we interact with have never tested their blood sugar levels before. Not only do we teach them how to do this and translate their numbers, but now we can give them a valuable tool that they can take home and use on their own so they can continue to monitor their levels and work to get healthy.”

“We greatly appreciate ADW Diabetes willingness to help us address this important issue. These supplies will make a big impact on multiple levels and remove a key financial barrier that prevents many people living with diabetes in our community from testing their blood glucose levels on a daily basis,” says Dr. Lisa P. Davis, Senior Project Manager of the Durham Diabetes Coalition. “We look forward to getting these out, especially to the uninsured!”

The mission statement of ADW Diabetes is ‘Keeping Diabetes Management Affordable’. They do so by offering a large assortment of diabetes testing products at low prices to both the uninsured and under-insured. In addition to this, ADW Diabetes offers free weekly diabetes education newsletters written by their staff of healthcare professionals. The articles offer tips and techniques on how to monitor and treat diabetes while covering a wide array of topics from blood glucose testing, diet, exercise, and more.

“Partnering with the DDC on this was a simple decision to make. What they do to educate the public about diabetes is commendable and we know that the products we donated will get into the hands of people that may not normally have access to them,” says Chris Maguire, Vice President of ADW Diabetes.

About ADW Diabetes
ADW Diabetes (ADW) is a mail order company that is dedicated to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW is focused on helping customers effectively manage their disease by providing one of the largest selections of diabetes-related products, including insulin pump supplies and glucose testing products at significant discounts. ADW takes a leading role in diabetes education through Destination Diabetes, an informational website featuring tips and advice from experienced healthcare professionals. ADW also has support for customers who have health insurance, as well as the uninsured. ADW is involved in and supports the diabetes community and organizations that further diabetes education and research. To learn more about ADW Diabetes visit

About Durham Diabetes Coalition
The Durham Diabetes Coalition (DDC) aims to educate and share information on how people can reduce the risk and/or treat diabetes type 2. Partnered with Durham County’s health department, local government, faith-based groups, and volunteers, the DDC provides the people of Durham County with access to diabetes-specific information through community events, television, radio, and the Internet. The DDC hosts events throughout the year in the community and also provides the service of home-based care for people that are unable to attend these events on their own. The DDC is a joint effort between the Durham County Department of Public Health, Duke University, local government, faith-based groups and organizations, and volunteers. Funding is provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health Care Innovation Awards and Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation. To learn more about Durham Diabetes Coalition visit