4 Apps That Will Help You With Diabetes Control

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Many people get the latest information on their smart phones and other mobile devices. There is an array of apps people use for everything from boosting their productivity to listening to their favorite music. Discover 4 useful apps that will help you with diabetes control.

  • According to the Pew Research Center, a total of 64 percent of Americans owned a smart phone in 2014. The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) reported around 28.8 million Americans have diabetes. It is safe to say the majority of people with diabetes also have a smart phone. As a result, a variety of apps have been designed to help people with diabetes self-management. It takes time and effort to effectively manage diabetes. Patients need to change their eating, increase their exercise activity, and monitor their blood sugar on a regular basis. An app can help you keep track of your progress and streamline the process of managing diabetes. The following four apps can be used on an Android smart phone and an iPhone, based on your preference.
  • Fooducate is a free app that helps people with diabetes handle food management. It takes more than maintaining your weight and counting calories to be healthy. The ingredients in food make a big difference when you have diabetes. Fooducate lets users know which foods are high in fats and sugar as well as ones that contain unnecessary ingredients. Simply scan the barcodes on packaged foods to find out the facts about them. If you upgrade the account, you can also add specific information about your health goals and take advantage of other features, such as tips about allergies and gluten.
  • Diabetic Connect is a free app that makes it possible to interact with other people who have diabetes. Often people with diabetes feel alone in their daily struggles. Use this app to connect with others to talk about diabetes, share essential tips and learn about the disease. Get and give support and participate in meaningful conversations by following the activity feeds. Discover what others think about the latest diabetes management strategies and treatments. Make personal connections to learn more about diabetes reduce stress and manage your condition.
  • Using a blood glucose monitor is a major part of managing diabetes. It is essential to keep track of your blood sugar levels and report any extreme lows or highs to your health care team right away. Glucose Buddy is a free app that makes is easier to log and track your numbers. This level of convenience may make you more likely to monitor your blood sugar at proper intervals. This app also stores the data you need to manage diabetes. The data can be shared with your health care provider during regular visits.
  • Glooko is another free app that makes it possible to upload your blood sugar readings right from your meter. Have this crucial information at our fingertips at all times by creating a record of your numbers. A graph form makes it easy to see the statistics break-down. You can keep track of your goals and share the information with your physician. This app also has a food database to help you learn more about the foods you eat. This handy app helps you keep track of your medications, food and exercise routine. You can also sync the data to view online.

Make the most of your smart phone and manage diabetes with ease by using one or more of these free apps. Keep track of your blood sugar, food intake, exercise and medications with one device then share the results with your doctor during regular exams. Managing diabetes can be a challenge, but these useful apps can make it much easier.

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