3 Ways to Lower the Risk of Almost Any Chronic Disease – Part 2

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Not only can you help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, but you can manage and control it too.

Manage and Control: Almost anyone can manage, bring under control and avoid deadly complications of almost any disease condition such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, COPD, high blood pressure and cholesterol and even those that are not caused by lifestyle factors such as Type 1 Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Pharmacist George TohmeYou can absolutely manage and regain control of almost any disease conditions when you make favorable lifestyle choices, take your medications as prescribed and monitor various vital parameters pertaining to your condition (more on monitoring in a future article) but never by medications alone. Your doctor is not the sole person in charge of your health! You must be in the driver seat, so claim that right.

Learn from John’s inspiring story. At the pharmacy one day this sleek looking 60 something (I thought) “John” comes walking in an erect posture towards the pharmacy in decisive and fast strides. He drops off a couple prescriptions and walks away. My technician processed his prescriptions then my turn came for a final check. My eyes popped when I saw that he was 91 years old. I wanted to know what was John’s secret, an African American man on insulin and a blood pressure medication with hardly any wrinkles on his face and looking pretty healthy!

So then as he came to the counseling window, I asked him how long he’s been on Insulin? “John” took over the conversation and replied that he’s had Type 2 diabetes for over 28 years and suffers no complications. He also monitors his blood sugar and pressure every day, he doesn’t smoke, walks a couple miles every day, “eats healthy” and occasionally indulges in a brownie or other desserts.

I congratulated “John” shook his hand, asked God to bless him and told him to continue in the same path. “John” and many others like him have been living with chronic diseases and managing them very well. They are enjoying the best quality of life free of disease complications and they can expect a natural lifespan.

You too can be like “John” and you too can regain control of your health and life.

Small Action of The Week:

Walking in place. While watching TV get off the couch every time there’s a commercial and walk in place for a couple minutes until your program returns.

Remember: Small actions can get you priceless health benefits.

About Pharmacist George Tohme:

George F. Tohme, pharmacist, is a graduate of the Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA in 1987 and currently practicing in Texas. He is certified in diabetes and cholesterol management, smoking cessation, nutrition guidance, and a certified personal trainer. He is a lifestyle makeover expert and conquered his own 17-year battle with obesity. He is the author of Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics, Lifestyle Makeover for All Couch Potatoes, Lifestyle Makeover for All Tobacco Users, Lifestyle Makeover: Sex, Stress, and Alcohol and Lifestyle Makeover: Defeat High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Book descriptions and testimonials are available at www.LifestyleMakeoverEbook.com.

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