10 Reasons to Use Safety Lancets

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Using a standard lancet device and lancet which comes with your meter may not be the best option for pricking your finger when testing your daily blood sugars. Purchasing safety lancets can benefit you in multiple ways depending on your personal situation. Let’s examine why diabetic safety lancets may be a better choice as compared to using a regular lancet and lancet devices.

  1. Safety lancets prevent accidental sticks. The retractable needles decrease the chance of infectious disease spreading. This is a number one priority for health care workers or family members who are testing blood sugars for someone else. (Always wear rubber gloves when testing blood on anyone but you.) They are great for use in physician’s offices, health fairs, public screenings, and school function screenings, diabetes education programs, clinic screenings, and hospital screenings, nursing homes, independent living health care centers or for home health care workers.
  2. They are excellent for “on the go testing” since it requires no loading and can be done using only one hand. Using them when traveling is an excellent option and requires fewer supplies. Try them on driving trips, cruises, trains or flights.
  3. Safety lancets meet with OSHA guidelines since they are impossible to use after one time. (Hospital guidelines are established by OSHA.)
  4. Safety lancets obtain an adequate quantity of blood with a single stick which helps prevent wasting of strips, helps keep costs down and prevents you from having to re- prick your finger.
  5. Safety lancets use high speed, offer minimum pain, prevent error, have a comfortable grip and are ergonomically designed. (Fits easily into the hand.)
  6. They are excellent for those who are visually impaired since there is no needle loading required and no exposed needle to dispose.
  7. Safety lancets require little technique and are easy on the fingers and hands. Getting a blood sample with chronic physical conditions including arthritis, trigger finger, carpel tunnel or any condition which may effect how your hands and fingers move will be easier with safety lancets.
  8. Safety lancets require no needle loading and no needle removal. Many patients poke themselves trying to remove the used lancet from the lancet device. Other patients may not have the strength or dexterity to remove the used lancet. Many lancet devices are poorly designed and crack after pulling out the used lancet.
  9. Safety lancets may be helpful for patients who have suffered from a stroke and are only able to utilize one side of the body including one hand.
  10. They are reasonably priced and do not require a separate lancet device.

Remember when using any lancet device including safety lancets to dispose them correctly in a biohazard sharps container. Always wear gloves when testing blood from other people.

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