The 3 D’s: Diabetes, Denial and Diet

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My last patient of the week is one of my favorites. Even with her “diabetes denial issues”, she keeps her weekly appointments. After reviewing her blood work, I tried to convince her that she had diabetes, but she was unable to be persuaded! That was until I pointed out – a few times – that she was taking medication for diabetes and if she didn’t have the disease she’d pass out from low blood sugar! At her third visit, she finally accepted the fact that she has diabetes and losing weight will help her control her glucose levels – tremendously.  Whew! We got past that and have been working on a gradual change in her eating habits. I’m so proud of her!

Although she has only lost a few pounds in the past month or two, more importantly, she has changed her eating patterns, and is thinking about her food choices differently. She started out eating many sweets, whether it be at home or when she dined out.  She had “stopped eating bread” – but of course, as she later would find out, that’s not as evil a food as we are made to believe. Her first step was controlling the “sweet-eating” – a huge accomplishment and her biggest challenge. It has simmered down and she now has sweet cravings less frequently. At our most current visit, she admitted that she is more accepting of her diabetes and is ready to take the next step – not rewarding herself with food!

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Marci Sloane, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE, is a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator. She grew up in NYC where she graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Physiology from Teachers College at Columbia University.

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