Aug 5, 2009

Laugh Until You Drop – Your Blood Sugar, That Is!

By Wendy Rapaport|2014-04-11T14:41:13-04:00Updated: August 5th, 2009|Fitness & Diabetes, Newsletters|0 Comments

No kidding. Well, actually, lots of kidding around has proven to give major physically beneficial effects on the body. Humor’s effects are likened to internal jogging. It is good medicine!

I can give you the medical facts about laughter elevating serum oxygen levels, which benefit the cardiovascular system, or that laughter stimulates the Immunoglobulin Assay (IgA), improving […]

May 27, 2009

An Antidote to Stress

By Wendy Rapaport|2014-04-29T13:22:50-04:00Updated: May 27th, 2009|Health & Wellness, Newsletters|0 Comments

Here’s a paradigm shift: Welcome stress. It’s a life force to be handled with optimism and planning. The antidote to stress often begins with the mind, but for now, let’s begin with the body.

Exercise should not be a “four letter” word. There are so many benefits to exercise: physical and psychological stress relief, raising metabolism, lowering […]

Mar 18, 2009

Are Comfort Foods Causing Discomfort?

By Wendy Rapaport|2014-05-05T09:12:17-04:00Updated: March 18th, 2009|Diet & Nutrition, Newsletters|0 Comments

Creamy macaroni and cheese. Piping hot pizza. Warm chocolate chip cookies. Crunchy potato chips. Mmmmmm.

Now don’t go salivating, even though these are some of our favorite comfort foods. Although tasty and welcoming, these foods can cause high blood sugar, moodiness and fatigue, and can become an issue if we use these foods as a replacement for […]

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