About Jeanna Rhoulhac

Jeanna Rhoulhac, RD, LD/N, CDE, has been dedicated to helping people with diabetes for almost 20 years. Jeanna’s interest in diabetes began at an early age as her maternal grandmother had type 2 diabetes. From this, she developed an interest in learning more about how the foods we consume can impact our health. Jeanna is a certified diabetic educator who received her BS degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Andrews University and became a registered dietitian in 1981. Jeanna has practiced dietetics in clinical hospital and community settings. In 2002, Jeanna became a certified diabetic educator (CDE) and currently works in as a Clinical Nutritionist with a specialization in Adult Weight Management in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Providing her clients with an individualized plan of care is very important to Jeanna, who strives to motivate and support her clients in every way. Jeanna especially loves seeing fears and anger turn into hope, happiness and a positive outlook on life. Jeanna is very active in professional associations. She currently serves on the Administrative Councils for both the South Florida Association of Diabetes Educators and the Broward County Dietetic Association, Inc. Most recently, she presented a lecture on " Herbal Remedies and Natural Healing with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements" to the ADA Support Group at North Broward Medical Center (May 2008). In addition, Jeanna currently is certified as a Project Power Ambassador by the American Diabetes Association.
Sep 10, 2008

Exercise Questions Answered

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Q. What are the benefits of exercise?

A. For people with diabetes, the benefits of exercise are blood glucose level improvements, stress reduction, increased energy, weight control, and for those who participate in regular physical activity, which includes moderate aerobic exercise, there will be a reduction in cardiovascular disease risk.

Q. How do I begin an exercise program?


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