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Tandem Diabetes 3mL Cartridge With t:lock 10ct

Tandem t:slim 3mL Cartridge With t:lock Box of 10

4.9 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews

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Item # PS1000727

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Tandem Diabetes 3mL Cartridge With t:lock Box of 10 is designed to work with Tandem Diabetes pumps and t:lock infusion sets.

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Product Description

The Tandem cartridge with t:lock comes equipped with the latest insulin delivery technology by Tandem Diabetes Supplies, a trusted brand that makes cutting-edge products. Designed with a pouch inside of the t:slim cartridge instead of a syringe, and featuring the brand's patent-pending Micro-Delivery Technology™, this innovative cartridge allows maximum capacity in the most compact size. This cartridge is made to be used with t:slim Insulin Pump System supplies.

Please note that Tandem's t:lock insulin cartridges are only compatible with infusion sets that feature the t:lock locking mechanism. These cannot be connected to other infusion sets.

The design of the t:lock Connector is based on the customer's feedback about the process of filling the infusion sets with insulin. This updated design minimizes the amount of time it takes to fill the infusion sets and also reduces the amount of insulin used in the fill process by 4.4 units. The look and functionality is comparable to the original Luer-lock connector.

t:slim X2 3mL Cartridge Features:

  • T:lock Connectors boost the speed of the insulin-filling process.
  • Reduces time needed to fill the infusion set by 30 seconds.
  • Reduces the amount of insulin used in the fill process by 4.4 units.
  • Compatible only with the Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump System.
  • 3mL cartridge.
  • MPN: 1000727.
  • Box includes 10 cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a physician order to purchase a Tandem cartridge?

Yes, this product requires a physician order. Please provide your healthcare professional's information during checkout. At this time, we're unable to ship this product to North Dakota.

What Tandem infusion set should I use with the t:slim X2 3mL cartridge?

Your healthcare professional should be able to recommend the best infusion sets based on your lifestyle, height, site location, and personal preferences. Here are the options and their specifications:

  • Autosoft 30: Flexible, 30-degree cannula and automatic inserter
  • Autosoft 90: Flexible, 90-degree cannula and automatic inserter
  • VariSoft: Customizable insertion angle and two cannula length options
  • AutoSoft XC: 90-degree cannula and large grip for easy disconnection
  • TruSteel: 90-degree steel needle and extra adhesive

Which infusion sets have identical Tandem equivalents?

Here are other brands' infusion sets that are comparable to Tandem's infusion sets. Use this information to choose the Tandem infusion set that's compatible with your t:slim X2 3mL cartridge.

  • Autosoft 30: Animas Inset 30 and Medtronic MiniMed Mio 30
  • Autosoft 90: Medtronic MiniMed Mio
  • VariSoft: Animas Comfort Short and Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette
  • AutoSoft XC: Animas Inset I
  • TruSteel: Animas Contact Detach and Medtronic MiniMed Sure-T

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Physician Order: This item requires a physician order, please provide your physician's information during checkout. At this time we are unable to ship this product to North Dakota.

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    Tandem supplies
    by: on May 18, 2024

    ADW has been an absolute life-saver for me. It was a nightmare trying to order insulin pump supplies until I found them, but once I did, I've had no issues at all with having my orders delivered on time and with all of my necessary supplies. I am so grateful for this incredible company, they truly have made ordering the equipment I need a walk in the park - thank you so much!

    Great Service
    by: on March 25, 2024

    Very speedy delivery and service - easy to order in the app when my son is getting low on supplies before his prescription renews. Has definitely saved us on a couple of occasions. Highly recommend!

    by: on October 28, 2023

    About a year ago my doctor's office was in disarray and I couldn't get my pump supplies approved by them for my provider. I was almost out of supplies and had to find a company that I could buy them outright from. ADW saved the day. Very prompt service and zero hassle.

    Love the price
    by: on September 21, 2023

    I love the prices you guys have on diabetic supplies. The service and delivery is great.

    A blessing!
    by: on August 07, 2023

    ADW is a great blessing. Couldn't find a more affordable price for tandem pump supplies and G7 sensors for my son. Being single mom, low income and no coverage, every dollar counts.

    Great pharmacy
    by: on July 28, 2023

    The only thing better than the Tandem t:slim pump is the quality and service of every single interaction I've had with ADW for the past few years. Truly a hassle-free, easy and convenient pharmacy to work with.

    Great service
    by: on June 20, 2023

    I really appreciate the great product and timely delivery of my supplies. Thank you.

    Tandem & ADW
    by: on May 08, 2023

    I have had a great experience with ADW thus far. They have the best prices for my Tandem T-Slim supplies and are quick to fill and ship my orders whenever I place one. I have also found items here like I.V. prep pads that I could not find on other sites or locally.

    Tandem Pump Supplies
    by: on March 08, 2023

    Very good service - gets supplies to us very promptly. Price - very reasonable. Enjoy working with this company.

    Tandem Supplies
    by: on February 15, 2023

    Great supplies and pricing. Very reliable and fast shipping.

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