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Tandem Diabetes Care

When it comes to your health, the brands you choose are about more than just a familiar name. With Tandem Diabetes Care, you are choosing a brand focused on innovating the medical world to benefit the patient. Their name is a nod to “In Tandem” which means standing together and it shows in their lineup of care solutions. With a focus on being more than just a brand with staying power on an ever-changing market, Tandem Diabetes Care works with you to create reliable solutions to make managing this condition easier than ever.

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  1. Tandem Diabetes t:slim 3mL Cartridge With t:lock 10ct
    Tandem Diabetes t:slim 3mL Cartridge With t:lock 10ct
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We are pleased to bring you a range of options for adding Tandem Diabetes Care solutions to your health plan. We bring you their effective insulin delivery pumps in several options to meet your needs. Made to offer important hallmarks of design such as a small, compact size that is still a durable unit for added peace of mind, these insulin pumps offer such features as micro-delivery technology, USB connectivity, watertight construction, and color touchscreen. In addition to the pumps, we also offer cartridges. These cartridges are available in several options to help you get the right one for your needs. When you need infusion sets, we offer a complete range of sizes for compatibly with your Tandem Diabetes Care system. These are supplies are made with quality materials to avoid skin irritations and are easy to use with proper training beforehand. Whether you need to get started with a system requiring all the pump, cartridge, and infusion sets or you just need to restock on one item, we have you covered with everything you need form this trusted name on the market.

Please note that these solutions are available only through a physician’s recommendation. Please consult your health care provider to determine the right option for your diabetes management. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance today. We are always happy to help you while shopping.