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NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm 100 per Box


NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm 100 per Box

by: NovoFine
Item #: 185189
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NovoFine Pen Needles 32G 6mm. Sold by box of 100.
  • $97.19
  • Novofine Pen Needles 32G 6mm Box of 100. Feel secure that Novofine® fits optimally with your diabetes pen device.

    • Thinner needles cause less pain, bleeding and bruising.
    • Novofine 6mm and 8mm needles are thin and short, which may minimizes needle-related anxiety.
    • When asked, most people with diabetes preferred, and were more satisfied with, Novofine 32G pen needles than with thicker 31G needles.
    • Novofine pen needles are thin, ultra-sharp, electro-polished, silicone coated, and have a tapered point to improve comfort of injection.
    • Thinner Novofine needles - higher Gauge - reduce pain from injections compared to thicker needles with higher diameter.
    • Size: 32 gauge - 6mm
    • Box of 100
    • Manufacturer Product Number: 185189

    Novofine disposable needles were designed for the Novo Nordisk line of diabetes pens.

    • FlexTouch 
    • FlexPen 
    • NovoPen Echo 
    • InnoLet 
    • NovoPen Junior
    • Victoza Pen 
    • NovoPen5 
    • NovoPen4
    • NovoPen 3

    Novofine needles fit all major diabetes pen devices:

    Omnican Pen 31
    OptiPen Pro1
    YpsopenHumaPen Luxura
    HumaPen Luxura HD
    HumaPen MEMOIR
    Liprolog Pen
    Huminsulin Pen
    Byetta Pen
    Autopen Classic
    Autopen 24BerliPen Areo
    BerliPen Areo 2
    BerliPen 302
    • Special Handling: This item is a special order product that requires up to 5 days for processing. Expedited shipping is not available for this item.
    • We may require the order of a physician for this item.
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