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NovoFine Autocover Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Autocover Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Autocover Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm 100 per Box
NovoFine Autocover Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm 100 per Box


NovoFine Autocover Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm 100 per Box

by: NovoFine
Item #: 185275
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NovoFine Safety Pen Needles 30G 8mm Box of 100.
  • $142.79
  • Novofine Autocover Safety Needles are designed to reduce needlestick injuries. Novofine® Autocover may help reduce needle anxiety, hurts less and is user-friendly. The needle on Novofine Autocover® is encased before and immediately after injection, to reduce the risk of accidental needlestick injury for healthcare professionals and patient with diabetes.

    Accidental needlestick injuries are a serious but common occupational hazard in healthcare institutions, accounting for up to 80% of accidental exposures to blood.

    Product Benefits:
    • A sliding cover on Novofine Autocover hides the needle, retracts during injection, and re-covers the needle after injection.
    • As many as 1 in 10 people with diabetes suffer from a fear of needles to the point where they actually avoid injections.
    • The needle on Novofine Autocover is concealed, which may help relieve anxiety.
    • Thinner needles, like Novofine Autocover, cause less bleeding, bruising, and pain.
    • Size: 30 Gauge - 8mm
    • 100 per box
    • Manufacturer Product Number: 185275

    Novofine Autocover reduces inflammation and tissue damage. Re-use of a dull or damaged needle may increase the sensation of pain and can cause inflammation and tissue damage as needles loose their original sharpness; the smooth silicone coating may be gone, and the tip may be bent. By preventing needle re-use, Novofine Autocover may help avoid these potential problems.

    Novofine Autocover stops needle re-use and are designed to reduce risk of cross-infection. Novofine Autocover has a shield that locks in place automatically after use, preventing the needle from being used more than once.

    Novofine Autocover needles were designed for the Novo Nordisk line of diabetes pens.

    • FlexTouch 
    • FlexPen 
    • NovoPen Echo 
    • InnoLet 
    • NovoPen Junior
    • Victoza Pen 
    • NovoPen5 
    • NovoPen4
    • NovoPen 3

    Novofine Autocover needles fit all major diabetes pen devices:

    Omnican Pen 31
    OptiPen Pro1
    YpsopenHumaPen Luxura
    HumaPen Luxura HD
    HumaPen MEMOIR
    Liprolog Pen
    Huminsulin Pen
    Byetta Pen
    Autopen Classic
    Autopen 24BerliPen Areo
    BerliPen Areo 2
    BerliPen 302
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