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BD Veo U-100 Syringes 31g 3/10cc 6mm 90 Count

BD Veo U-100 Syringes 31g 3/10cc 6mm 90 Count

4.8 out of 5 stars from 33 reviews

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Item # SY58324906

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BD Veo U-100 Syringes 31g 3/10cc 6mm (90 count) are the shortest, most innovative syringe needle ever designed - for maximum comfort.

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Product Description

The BD Veo Insulin Syringes 31G with Ultra-Fine Needle (90 count) are the shortest, most innovative insulin syringe needle ever designed - for maximum comfort.

BD Veo Syringe Features:

  • A smoother, more comfortable needle: Detailed tip-shaping, polishing, and double-lubricating create more glide and less friction for easier penetration.
  • Wide flange: Feels more secure in your hand for greater control.
  • Extended barrel: Facilitates one-handed technique by anchoring and balancing the syringe.
  • Easy-to-read scale markings: Bold, aligned numbers make it easier to read and draw up an accurate dose.

BD Veo Insulin Syringes 31G with Ultra-Fine Needle

  • Doses up to 30 units
  • 31 gauge 6mm (15/64") needle
  • 90 Sterile single use U-100 syringes

Sterility of fluid path guaranteed unless syringe is opened or damaged.

Use once, destroy and contain.


This Product does NOT contain natural rubber latex.

Note: We may require order of a physician for this item.

We may require the order of a physician for this item.

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    Best Ever Insulin Syringes
    by: on May 21, 2024

    So refined that you never feel the injection.

    No brainer
    by: on May 06, 2024

    $75. a box. That's what I was paying for the prescription for these from my vet to the pharmacy. I'm paying 27 bucks through ADW. Now, I'm not a math genius but - same needles, don't have to call the vet for refills, delivered on time, every time. Like I said, no-brainer.

    Relieved cat mom
    by: on April 04, 2024

    My pharmacy gave me these needles because they didn't have the ones my vet suggested I got, I hate needles, but these are so small. It makes me so much more comfortable giving it to my cat twice a day, he has never flinched, and it almost seems like he can't feel it, which makes me feel so much relief! I'm grateful I stumbled across this site, I was having trouble finding them, and they are much more affordable on here!

    My cat's happy and so am I :)
    by: on September 02, 2023

    This place is a lifeline for helping me navigate the cost of caring for my diabetic cat. These syringes are short and very fine, so they cause less discomfort. I've stick myself with them accidentally a few time replacing the cap. I didn't feel it right away, but it went deep enough to draw blood. Very good product.

    My cat's syringes
    by: on August 15, 2023

    I depend on receiving the syringes on time since my cat gets 2 insulin shots per day. The subscription works great for delivery about a week before I run out.

    In the nick of time
    by: on May 30, 2023

    These 6mm/31 gauge syringes are hard to find locally, my dog really appreciates them.Your service has always been fast and convenient. Thanks to your company.

    Will be back
    by: on March 07, 2023

    Shipping was fast and pricing was cheaper than what I have been able to find locally. Will be back for these and other items we might need. Glad I found you.

    Amazing Company
    by: on January 26, 2023

    I was having a terrible time finding these syringes for my diabetic dog. I was so happy I found ADW! I am very happy with their service, price and timely delivery! And the auto delivery is an added bonus!

    A Life Saver.
    by: on December 13, 2022

    Your company saved my dog's life. I was having great difficulty finding these "tiny" syringes in my area. These are the only syringes that I can use with such a tiny dog. YOU have saved her life - THANK YOU.

    by: on November 10, 2022

    ADW is always responsive and ships within 1 day. The syringes are exactly what I need for my cat.

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