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Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Injection Aid Device - AJ1300

Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Injection Aid Device - AJ1300

5 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews

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Item # 8470130001

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Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Injection Aid Device (AJ1300) was designed for people who have difficulty injecting themselves manually. Delivery is automatic with the press of button. Available for either fixed or non-fixed needle syringes.

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Product Description

Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Injection Aid Device - AJ1300 was designed for people who have difficulty injecting themselves manually.

  1. Easy to Use - The raised trigger button makes it easy for children and seniors to use.
  2. Window - The window allows you to see when the injection is complete
  3. Safety interlock mechanism - This prevents accidental firing
  4. Depth adjustment


  • The Autoject 2 automatically inserts the needle and contents of the syringe into the skin with the press of a button
  • Prevents the user from visually seeing the syringe
  • Features adjustable penetration depth, a safety lock to prevent accidental firing and a dose completion indicator.
  • The one-handed operation makes it possible to use a wider range of injection sites than manually injecting with only a syringe.

Autoject 2 - Fixed needle

Compatible with most major brands of fixed needle syringe.

NDC# 08470-1300-01: AJ 1300

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    Very helpful
    by: on April 26, 2023

    Purchased this alongside insulin needles to use for weekly B12 injections and various MIC injections. The instructions are a little wonky because there are so many various types of needles you can purchase and it only shows you how to configure for the pen for 2 needle brands. However, if you know that the needle tip is only supposed to extend 6mm you figure it out that way. Just takes a few mins to look over. Super helpful for those who are scared to do injections. You don't really need the external indicator piece - there is a window on this pen that shows when injection is done. 10/10 recommend for people or pets (but the click of pen is a little loud for pets).

    by: on December 02, 2022

    I got this for my cat on insulin. Trying with the syringe alone was a total nightmare. He was screaming and I was crying every single time. I got this from seeing people using it for their pets, I'll try anything at that point. BINGO! This has been the game changer! Giving shot is now so easy. I took it to my vet who knew I was having a problem with the injections, she had not heard of the Autoject. I gave her a demo with it. She loved it! I had her check the needle depth and she said it was good. So if you are like me and you're having trouble with a cat or dog, please get this. Price here is great and shipping was super fast.

    Autoject 2
    by: on March 02, 2022

    This product works great. Very easy to use.

    Life is easier now!
    by: on February 11, 2022

    My poor pup no longer screams and jumps since we found this fantastic device. Autoject 2. Great for a diabetic dog.

    Total Game Changer!
    by: on December 26, 2021

    If you have a diabetic dog, you have to buy this! Giving my dog his shot had become a two person job and even then it was difficult. I was always scared that I was hurting him with the needle. With the Autoject 2, he doesn't even flinch and therefore I can inject him all by myself. The product is truly AMAZING!

    by: on November 12, 2021

    Love it! So much better taking injections when you don't see the needle.

    It works!
    by: on October 21, 2021

    My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is a very patient and well-mannered dog so she tolerated the injections fairly well for the first week. However, she began anticipating the shot and became upset every time she knew the shot was coming. She would flinch and tense up so much that it began hurting her and she would cry or run away. The Autoject has been life changing. We used it with no needle for a couple days to get her used to the noise the trigger makes. We have 1 calorie treats we call her "clicky treats" that she now focuses on instead of her fear of the injection. Now she eats, comes over and sits on my lap, I say clicky treat and give her the injection, and follow it with the treat. She does not even object anymore. I honestly thought the injections were going to be too much and we may have to put her down until we discovered this. Now that we have her diabetes under control, she is like a new dog. She has energy and is back to her happy self.

    I tried it once and it work for me
    by: on October 12, 2021

    At first I thought it was a little crude, but then I used it and it was okay, much easier than holding a syringe and shaking and wobbling around.

    by: on July 08, 2021

    I was having such a difficult time injecting my dog with her diabetic insulin. It became such a problem that between the stress and me hurting my dog was unbearable! After speaking to several people with the same situation they highly recommend that i purchase this Autoject - desperate and nowhere else to turn I gave it a shot! I was a little nervous when I received it thinking I would be hurting my baby but I finally did it! This device changed my life and my dogs life - easy, fast, and she didn't even know that she was injected! I am one happy mama and so is my dog! Anyone is going through the same experience as I was I urge you to invest in this device you will be surprised how easy this is.

    by: on June 04, 2021

    This has made giving my dog injections so much easier! I'm glad I got it.

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