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Owen Mumford Petfine Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device

Owen Mumford Petfine Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device

4.7 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews

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Item # 8470331001

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The Owen Mumford Petfine Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device Each has been designed to offer both you and your pet a stress-free and pain-free glucose testing process.
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Product Description

The Owen Mumford Petfine Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device are designed to offer comfort for your pet and a peace of mind for you. Used with fixed needle syringes for the delivery of approved drugs.

Petfine Autoject 2 Inection Aid Features

  • Fits most 1.0ml, 0.5ml, and 0.3ml fixed needle syringes.
  • Convenient one-handed operation for better control during injections.
  • Visible indicator shows when injection is complete.
  • Control depth for optimal drug delivery and enhanced comfort.
  • MPN: AJ3310VET
  • Contains 1 Petfine Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device.

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    Stress Relief
    by: on March 17, 2023

    I can not even start to say how much stress this took off me and my pet at shot time. I was waking up hours before his shot was due stressing on if he will stay still or try to run or drop his body once the needle is under his skin. This device is a life saver in its own right its fast and easy to use. I told my vet about it and he said he just got a call from another pet owner asking if their was another solution to giving their dog his insulin, their pet was afraid of the syringe. I sent him your link!

    by: on February 20, 2023

    Seriously wish I'd heard about this sooner, using with my diabetic dog's insulin injections and it has never been simpler. She uses U-40 0.5mL 29G 1/2" fixed needle syringes. Super easy to use and she no longer misses her full dose from squirming or nipping. Helped so much with my anxiety about her not getting the right amount of insulin every meal. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Couldn't be more pleased
    by: on August 26, 2022

    I am a dog groomer and recently a customer told me of this product and how easy it made it for giving her pup her insulin. The woman was older and the dog was tiny so I felt I should listen and she was so right. My boy wasn't necessarily bad for his shots but cried and made me feel I was doing it wrong. I did try the product on myself with water as I wouldn't want to hurt my dog and it happened so fast I wasn't sure it worked! Now every time I do his shots - no cries, just wags as it means treat time!

    Works great!
    by: on December 28, 2021

    We have just started giving insulin to our small dog using the U-40 syringes. The directions do not provide instructions for this syringe, but the exact same specs match with another type. However, it says use "o" depth for needles, which seems way too shallow. So I just doubled the length to make sure it gets below the skin. My dog has jumped the first few times, but we think it is for the sound and not the needle poke. I think this is going to work out wonderfully. We hope to be able to give insulin by ourselves soon and not need someone to hold our dog. None of the problems I've read in other reviews has happens. Its super easy to use. We were not sent the Autoject 2 but the El. The pressure to activate is very subtle. It also doesn't take seconds to deliver like we read. Its a microsecond delivery.

    by: on November 12, 2021

    I strongly recommend this product as the easiest and most humane method I have ever seen for administration of insulin.

    by: on September 15, 2021

    I was struggling with giving my dog her shots twice a day. She would fight against sitting still for me to give her a shot and would start yelping even before I administered the shot. I saw a recommendation on a diabetic dog support group chat for the Autoject2 and decided to give it a try. What a lifesaver! Our dog now sits calmly next to me when it is time for her shot and no more yelping. The Autoject2 now makes it so easy to give our shots, that my husband and boys are all able to help out with her shots. The Autoject2 is an amazing product. I wish I had discovered it sooner!

    Life saver
    by: on November 02, 2020

    Great product and great customer service. No pain for my dog and so easy to use. I wish my vet would have told me about this product, it would have saved me and my fur baby from a ton of stress. A must have for diabetic dogs!

    Game changer
    by: on September 21, 2020

    First I want to say ADW provides excellent customer service - thank you! The Autoject has made giving my dog insulin 2 times a day stress-free events. We struggled with insulin injections until we started using this device. Our dog is now consistently getting her full dose and that is reflected by her bg numbers.

    Great product
    by: on January 01, 2020

    When the vet told me my little boy (miniature schnauzer) had diabetes I thought I would lose him after having him for 12 years. We are going on 2 years with diabetes and if it wasn't for this auto injector I would have lost him the first few weeks of the diagnosis. I highly recommend this product. My baby boy is doing great after 2 years with diabetes. Auto injector has saved his life and took a lot of stress of me. It simple and easy to use. Please give it a try.

    Marked Up for Pet Use, lack of pet-specific instructions/syringe compatibility, and EI device
    by: on January 14, 2019

    Save yourself $5 and order the Owen Mumford Autoinject 2 for humans, this device is the same exact as the human device except it is packaged as Petfine for use for pets. Also, the Autoinject provided is the Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle w/ External Indicator -- this has a probe the extends out the backend of the device and make handling with a squirming dog more of a challenge. The plain Autoject 2 does not have this probe. Finally, U-40 syringes (UltiCare UltiGuard U-40 Pet Syringes 29G 3/10cc 1/2") did not eject correctly, the syringe/needle shoots out crooked. I am going to try again with BD U-40 syringes to see if these work any better. I have tried twice and the dog jumped both times and the syringe when pulled out showed insulin still dripping out (even after holding in the place for 15 sec after injection). I want to make this work since giving regular shots has been so difficult, but if the BD syringes do not work any better, it will be just wasted money (because the device cannot be returned once opened). The $5 marked up, lack of pet-specific instructions/syringe compatibility, and EI device is giving this a 1 star rating. If I can get this thing to work with the BD syringes to help with injections, I'll update my review.

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