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AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips & Lancets 100ct

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips & Lancets 100ct

5 out of 5 stars from 12 reviews

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Item # 32109K8

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AlphaTRAK 2 - 100ct Veterinary Blood Glucose Test Strips and lancets are intend to be used with AlphaTRAK® Blood Glucose meter. AlphaTRAK® Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter is a portable blood glucose monitoring system validated for cats and dogs. This product contains 100 strips and 100 lancets.
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Product Description

AlphaTRAK 2 Pet Blood Glucose Test Strips are accurate, easy to use, requires a tiny blood sample, provides results in seconds, and is made specifically for dogs and cats. These strips work with both the AlaphaTRAK and AlphaTRAK 2 Meters and requires only 0.3 uL of blood. The angled sample area makes it easy to posiition the target area on your pet to the blood drop. The sample tab is designed to break the minscus of the blood sample to allow for fast wicking. Plus the test only starts when the strip has enough blood. More blood cold be added to the same side of the test strip for up to 60 seconds. Each AlphaTRAK lancet should be used just once and they should be properly discarded in a sharps container or in a specially marked container that note the contents. AlphaTRAK lancets should be used with the AlphaTRAK lancing device.  Get 100 strips and 100 lancets

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AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strip Features:

  • Compatible with both AlphaTRAK and AlphaTRAK 2 Meters.
  • AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strip requires only 0.3 uL of blood.
  • Angled sample area makes it easy to position the target area on your pet to the blood drop.
  • Sample tab is designed to break the meniscus of the blood sample to allow for fast wicking.
  • Automatically turns the meter on and off for quicker testing.
  • The test only starts when the strip has enough blood.
  • More blood could be added to the same side of the AlphaTRAK 2 test strip for up to 60 seconds.
  • Contains 100 AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips for Cats and Dogs.

AlphaTRAK Lancet Features:

  • 28 Gauge needle.
  • Sterile.
  • Twist-top design.
  • Contains 100 AlphaTRAK Lancets, 28 Gauge.

Lancing Tips from Dr. Joi Sutton, DVM:

  • Dog and cat ears have a vein that goes along the periphery of the ear flap. It is very easy to see in pets with short hair or light colored fur. If your pet is particularly fuzzy, you might want to ask your pet's groomer to clip the fur short on your pets ear making the vein esier to locate.
  • Other test site options include the accessory carpal pad, the side of a toe, or the tail base. The trick is to have an area with little fur that would wick away the drop of blood.
  • When performing a blood glucose test, do not wipe hte site with alcohol, as it will dilute and alter the sample of blood.
  • Have your lancing device in your dominate hand while holding the pets ear with your non-dominant hand. Poke the pet right over the vein that travels the periphery of the ear. Gently squeeze or massage the area to encourage bleeding.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please email Dr. Joi Suttion at [email protected]

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    Test Strips & Lancets
    by: on January 01, 2020

    Good value, received my order quickly and correctly! Will be using ADW again!

    Alpha Trak meter
    by: on November 13, 2019

    I am so very thankful for the AlphaTRAK it has saved me a lot of money. Doing glucose curves at the vet got very expensive. Now I can keep my buddy monitored at any time. I highly recommend these products for anyone who loves your pet and needs to save money!!!! You Have GREAT SERVICE TOO!

    lancets and test strips
    by: on September 19, 2019

    The shipment arrived the following day, I couldn't believe it! You are going to give Amazon competition! At any rate, the shipment was just perfect, as I always expect. Thank you as always.

    Alpha Trak 2 test strips and Lancets
    by: on May 05, 2019

    Amazing company with super fast delivery!

    Alphatrak2 test strips
    by: on February 14, 2019

    The test strips and sticks work great. Never had a problem with the sticks. It's amazing how little blood you need to get the results. Accurate.

    Alpha Trak glucose meter
    by: on November 09, 2018

    My vet checked the calibration and said that it was right on. Doing the testing was new to me so it helped to have someone hold my dog while I did the testing. It’s pretty easy to use.

    100% every time
    by: on February 16, 2018

    The strips I ordered were the best I've had so far...they worked 100% every time! They were 100% reliable!

    AlphaTrak2 Test Strips
    by: on February 09, 2018

    It is amazing how little blood is required for the test strips. I've looked high and low and ADW has the best prices on test strips and lancets, and even on the meter when I bought that. Reordering is super easy, and shipping is fairly quick.

    Appreciate ADW Products
    by: on January 11, 2018

    We have a diabetic cat, Rascal, who has been wonderful about behaving well for his two shots a day. ADW products are great and work so well. They have really good prices and send them out in a timely manner. We couldn't be happier and thank them so much. Please keep up the good selections and great work ethic. You're much appreciated! God bless you all! These babies are mighty important to us, and with help and products you provide, they can be with us a lot longer than they would, otherwise.

    Test Strips & Lancets
    by: on January 10, 2018

    Serves their purpose well. Just a few microliter sample provides reliable data.

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