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AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit

AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit

4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews

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Item # 10024746

The AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit has everything you need to manage your pet's diabetes. It is a portable blood glucose monitoring system validated for cats & dogs. It comes with the AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring System, 50 AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips, Lancing Device, 30 AlphaTRAK Lancets, AlphaTRAK 3 Control Solution, Diabetes Diary, User's Guide & Carrying Case.

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Product Description

The AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit is the ideal solution to your pet's diabetic care needs. The portable pet glucose meter is calibrated for both cats & dogs, and is designed to provide accurate readings. It features auto on/off option for faster testing and an easy-to-use three-step process that provides results in seconds.

Thanks to patented technology, this pet glucose meter requires an extremely small blood sample of only 0.3 µL (microliters), making it a less painful testing experience for your pet. The AlphaTRAK 3 glucose meter can use capillary blood, so no venous punctures are needed.

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Features of the AlphaTRAK 3 Pet Glucose Monitor Starter Kit:

  • Calibrated for both cats & dogs
  • Easy-to-use 3-step process delivers accurate results in seconds
  • AlphaTRAK patented technology requires the world's smallest blood sample only 0.3 µL (microliters)
  • Can use capillary blood, ensuring no venous puncture is needed
  • Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet
  • Measures pet's blood in mg/dL (extended testing range of 20-750 mg/dL)
  • Features an auto on/off feature for faster testing

Each AlphaTrak 3 Starter Kit contains:

  1. AlphaTrak 3 Pet Glucose Monitor
  2. AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips, 50 Count
  3. AlphaTRAK Lancets, 30 Count
  4. Lancing device
  5. AlphaTRAK 3 Control Solution
  6. Pet Diabetes Diary
  7. User Guides and Carrying Case

You can only use the new AlphaTRAK 3 test strips with this meter.

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    Blank Screen with test strip
    by: on February 20, 2024

    Worked great for the first few months, then started getting blank screen after inserting test strip. I was still able to adjust date and time, so battery was okay. But, changed battery anyway and opened new vial of test strips and still blank screen. Kept fidgeting with test strip and finally got it to work. But, keeps happening, but fidgeting with the test strip seems to get it to work, but wasn't like this the first few months.

    by: on December 11, 2023

    Awesome service (for over 3 years now), and best prices for Alphatrak 3 test strips which are vital for monitoring diabetic pets. Recommend highly!

    Mr. P
    by: on December 09, 2023

    Excellent customer service support getting this to connect to my Motorola G 5 power. So far it works great and like it records his insulin dosing and meals.

    by: on August 11, 2023

    I ordered the Alpha Trak 3 it was featured at a very good price. Got it in about 3 days. Super fast service. I am very happy with the glucometer for my dog. Excellent service. Since that purchase I just placed an order for the 3rd time. That's how impressed I am with this companies service.

    Great Happy Service!
    by: on August 10, 2023

    These days I frequently get encountered business service people who think and feel "burned out". But I am delighted to say not here with this company. In fact, it's refreshing and inspires me to believe that people are meant to be good-hearted and care to contribute. Thank you very much for your service!

    Pleased with AlphaTRAK 3
    by: on April 24, 2023

    First, ADW Diabetes is awesome! Great products, prices and fast delivery. Second, love the AlphaTrak 3 system and how little blood it takes to get a reading. Feel so much more comfortable knowing the counts I am getting are calibrated for pets. I do not like that the meter cuts off what seems quickly and then the strip gets an error and is rendered useless. These are expensive. I would prefer a longer time so that the meter would stay active with the strip pushed all the way in and give you time to get a blood sample. The way it is now, you partially push the strip in but not enough to turn the meter on. Then once you have a drop of blood, you then push it all the way in, the meter sets (which only takes a very few seconds) and then you get the blood onto the strip - it actually seems to just suck the blood into the strip which is nice. I, as well as others, have had problems with the AlphaTRAK app coming unpaired from the Bluetooth. There is not good information readily out there to re-pair it to Bluetooth.

    Highly Recommend
    by: on March 27, 2023

    Awesome tool to have on hand for my diabetic cat. I read reviews that it was difficult getting the lancet to produce blood, so I was dreading that. However, I was able to get a blood sample without any problem (I did try on my other cat, who's not diabetic, and could not get a good blood sample, so perhaps it just depends on the cat and the location you choose to sample from). I was also told by my vet, that this unit is very accurate. Thank you for making a reliable product that saves hundreds of dollars and stress on my cat for vet visits. I would highly recommend this to anybody who has a diabetic cat or dog.

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