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BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2
BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2
BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2
BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2


BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2" - Half Unit Markings 100ct

4.7 out of 5 stars from 6 reviews

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Item # SY8290323001

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BD U-40 Pet Syringe 29G 1/2cc 1/2" Half Unit Markings 100/bx. These syringes offer an extremely fine needle point along with half unit markings, allowing for a smooth and precise injection for your pet each and every time.


Product Description

BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2" - Half Unit Markings 100ct are designed to help your cats and dogs live a happy and health life. BD has been a leader in innovation and manufacturing of high quality syringes. BD's advanced technologies provide a positive diabetes treatment experience for your pet.


  • Electro-polished needle for smoothness.
  • Micro-bonded needle lubrication for less friction.
  • Fine Point needle tip for easier insertion.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Non-Pyrogenic.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Contains 100 BD U-40 Pet Syringes 29G, 1/2cc, 1/2" - Half Unit Markings.

We may require the order of a physician for this item.

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    Customer Reviews

    Excellent Syringes
    by: Donna A. on January 22, 2018

    Super fast delivery on syringes and great product. Exactly like the vet uses, except much cheaper.

    Unbeatable prices!!!!
    by: Silas on January 30, 2018

    The best price on the net, product arrived as promised.

    by: Kathy G on July 29, 2017

    Used BD when my Chewbacca first started with Humulin They were absolute sharpest and had the best feel of anything else at the time. That translates into most comfortable for my dog! Worth the extra money. Cheaper seem to sometimes have a square point!.

    No Pain
    by: Laura B on November 25, 2017

    When I started using the BD U-40 Syringes I was not sure what to expect. I found That my Golden Retriever doesn't indicate any pain whatsoever. She has 2 injections per day, one on each side of her body. I have never had any problems with these syringes. I recommend the use of these for your pet.

    Great product
    by: Dee on November 25, 2017

    I was using syringes from a different online seller, but my cat seemed increasingly uncomfortable with his injections and started resisting them. Occasionally the insulin spilled onto his fur. I read that some cheap syringes have square tips that may be more painful to a pet. I decided to try some syringes from adwdiabetes.com and am glad I did. The cat now seems not to even notice the injections and we no longer have spills.

    Better than Ulticare
    by: M. Landacre on October 23, 2017

    My dog who was recently diagnosed diabetic is a bit "jumpy" when I try to give her an injection. I first used the Ulticare U-40 syringe the vet sold me. I decided to try the BD syringe to see if they were better. My pup and I like these syringes much better. They have a sharper and easier to inject needle. I am sticking with these for now. Just wish they would make these syringes in the shorter needle, which is why i only give 4 stars instead of 5.

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