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Dexcom CGM

Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Introducing the latest in glucose sensing technology, the Dexcom G4 Platinum brings a sleek modern profile with the first-of-its-kind screen colors so vibrant, you'll know and see, quickly and easily, when you're trending high, low or good to go.

Dexcom G4 ReceiverDexcom G4 TransmitterDexcom G4 Sensors

Uncover what your meter can't tell you.

Recover your power over diabetes.

Discover the difference with Dexcom.

More than ever before, using a CGM or continuous glucose monitor system can be beneficial for those with diabetes who need to anticipate blood sugar trends or tracking patterns. The G4 series produced by Dexcom is the most accurate CGM on the market offering breakthrough technology (CGM is used in addition to regular blood glucose monitoring). Patients on insulin pump therapy or those who take multiple insulin shots daily can experience large blood sugar swings and will obtain added blood sugar readings every 5 minutes. Trending information makes you aware of blood sugar changes before they happen. Rising blood sugars above 200, called hyperglycemia, or decreasing blood sugars below 70, called hypoglycemia, can occur because of changes in food, exercise, illness, or medication. Bypassing the problem or being prepared with treatment before a problem occurs can be a life saver. This product is recommended for those 18 or older, non-pregnant & those not on dialysis. CGM is not recommended for daily medication decisions; always check with your physician for changes in medical treatment.

Sensor placement is FDA approved in the abdomen only.

Setting an even higher standard in CGM!

Dexcom G4 System Accuracy
(Metrics presented are values rounded to the nearest whole number)
Hypo Accuracy (%20/20)
When BG is between 40-80mg/dL
Hypoglycemia Detection Rate at 70mg/dL
(% of time BG level at/below alert setting and alert sounded within 15 minutes before or after BG value was 70mg/dL)
Accuracy Over Time (%20/20)
Overall between 40-400 mg/dL
Day 1: 71% | Day 4: 87% | Day 7: 87%
Average daily calibrations: 2X/day
Sensor Duration (% of sensors lasting 7 days) 94%

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