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Health Care Products


  1. MagOx 400 Magnesium Supplement Tablets - 120/bottle
    MagOx 400 Magnesium Supplement Tablets - 120/bottle
    Item # 30165040000
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    Magnesium is a vital mineral that is used throughout the body, particularly the heart. MagOx 400 Magnesium Tablets (120ct) contains 400mg of magnesium oxide per tablet.

  2. Maginex Magnesium Tablets 100/bx
    Maginex Magnesium Tablets 100/bx
    Item # 80919813303
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    Maginex® is specifically formulated to provide optimal levels of magnesium while minimizing side effects such as diarrhea and cramping, which have been associated with other magnesium formulations.