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Medtronic MiniMed MMT-332A - 3 ml - Box of 10

MiniMed Reservoir MMT332A 3ml 10 Count

5 out of 5 stars from 19 reviews

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Item # PSMMT332A

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The Medtronic Minimed MMT-332A is intended for use with the MiniMed Paradigm 7 series pumps.
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Product Description

This MiniMed reservoir is custom-made for Medtronic MiniMed pumps and is compatible with all Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm infusion sets. Fill this Medtronic reservoir with up to 3ml of insulin easily, efficiently, and securely. The reservoir is ready to use with no assembly required. Unlike other reservoirs on the market, this one has the needle built into the TransferGuard to reduce the chance of injury. The rounded design helps to prevent air bubbles. Upon removal of the TransferGuard, a silicone membrane provides a tight seal to prevent spills and leaks.


  • Custom-made for Medtronic MiniMed Pumps
  • Compatible with all Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm infusion sets
  • User-filled reservoir holds up to 3mL
  • TransferGuard with built-in needle helps to reduce injury
  • Round shape helps to prevent air bubbles
  • Silicone membrane prevents spills and leaks
  • No assembly required
  • Includes 10 reservoirs

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should insulin be when using the MMT 332A Medtronic reservoir?

Because cold insulin may cause air bubbles in the reservoir and tubing, it's important that you allow the insulin to reach room temperature before filling the reservoir. After filling, use it immediately (it's not for storage).

How do I fill the Minimed reservoir?

Can I reuse reservoirs made by Medtronic?

No, they're for single use only. Reusing them can lead to multiple complications, such as insulin degradation, inaccurate delivery, infections, and leaks that may damage your Medtronic pump.

How do I dispose of the TransferGuard?

Dispose of the TransferGuard safely in a sharps container just like traditional needles and medical syringes.

What should I do if liquid gets inside the tubing connector of my Medtronic reservoir?

It's important that you start over with a new reservoir and infusion set if liquid enters the tubing connector. Liquid can block the vents that allow the pump to fill the infusion set correctly, which may reduce or increase the dose of insulin.

Which Medtronic pumps are compatible with the MMT 332A MiniMed reservoir?

These reservoirs are compatible with the following Medtronic MiniMed pumps:

  • MiniMed 640G
  • MiniMed Paradigm 712
  • MiniMed Paradigm 715
  • MiniMed Paradigm 722
  • MiniMed Paradigm 754

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    Mini med user
    by: on July 22, 2023

    Have used with mmt-397a for many years. Very satisfied.

    Thankful for easy process
    by: on March 04, 2021

    Everything about his order was wonderful. Thank you.

    Pump supplies
    by: on September 02, 2020

    Great products and great service!

    Minimed pump supplies
    by: on April 02, 2020

    getting my pump supplies through your company! Way cheaper than going through other companies and having to wait all year before my deductible is met. Ordering is fast and easy. All staff is pleasant and knowledgeable and love that I only need 1 prescription for a lifetime of supply ordering!

    Pump supplies
    by: on January 16, 2020

    Using ADW for years and really appreciate the turnaround time of my orders. Fast and friendly.

    by: on September 27, 2019

    The product ordered was received in a timely manner. Thanks for having a company such as ADW Diabetes.

    Superb service
    by: on September 05, 2019

    It was my first time ordering and I have to say that you delivered. Faxing a request to my Dr. You followed up. I truly appreciate all you did. I received my pump supply order in time for my 670G. I will be ordering again!!! Thank you!!!

    MiniMed Pump user
    by: on August 22, 2019

    Just what I needed for my MiniMed G630 pump.

    by: on June 14, 2019

    Great service and product

    by: on May 31, 2019

    I need these! My insurance company MAY take exception to higher prices if the higher tarrif to Mexico is enabled. So whenever ADW has a sale, I take advantage of it. It's good to keep these on hand and they are the same product that I have been using!

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