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Augusta Medical

Augusta Medical Systems, LLC, was formed in 1999 and owner Michael Obson has a long history in office based urological products used to effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Geddings Osbon introduced vacuum therapy to the world in 1974. Augusta Medical Systems was formed to serve and educate the public about ED as well as to deliver the best Vacuum Therapy Systems for suffers with ED.

Over 18 million men have ED and Augusta Medical Systems main purpose is to reach out to suffers to let them know there are viable solutions. ED can also be caused by underlying health conditions that require treatment, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and prostrate and bladder cancer. Vacuum therapy is a safe, effective way to get and maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse that has already helped millions of couples achieve intimacy.


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Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Therapy From Augusta Medical

Augusta Medical offers superior vacuum therapy system options with accessories to enhance their performance including the Augusta Medical Vitality Plus penis pump with both manual operation and battery-operated options, Augusta Medical SomaTherapy ED Lubricant, August Tension Systems, Augusta Medical Vitality Large Cylinder Sizing Adapter and Augusta Medical Vitality Sizing Insert Adapter.

ADWDiabetes.com is proud to carry Augusta Medical products, a top brand of vacuum pump therapy. We offer huge savings and fast shipping on erectile dysfunction pumps, accessories and replacement parts.