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Ulticare VetRx Features

UltiCare Pet Diabetes Supplies

UltiCare VetRx® provides quality pet diabetes supplies including UltiCare Pet syringes, the iPet Diabetes Glucose Monitor and iPet diabetic test strips. UltiCare developed the proprietary UltiGuard™, packaging insulin syringes with-in a dispenser and disposal container that is less expensive than the leading brand insulin syringe.

UltiCare insulin syringes are available in two sizes: U-40 syringes and U-100 syringes, and in various gauges and box counts. According to Gary Edelson, DVM, in his article, "Pet Syringe How-Tos", “A U-40 syringe has 40 units ('pieces of insulin') per mL and a U-100 syringes has 100 units ('pieces of insulin') per mL. This means there is approximately 2.5 times more insulin ('pieces') in a unit of U-100 insulin compared to U-40 insulin or to put it another way the same amount of U-100 insulin is 2.5 times stronger than the U-40.” Speak with your veterinarian to determine which is the best syringe for your pet.

ADW Diabetes is committed to Keeping Diabetes Management Affordable for everyone, including our furry friends who have diabetes! Shop and save on pet diabetic supplies.

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