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Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc 1/2
Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc 1/2
Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc 1/2
Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc 1/2


  • $26.99

Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc 1/2" - 100ct

by: Vet's Choice
Item #: SY898302141800
Vet's Choice U-40 Insulin Syringes For Your Pet - 29 Gauge 1/2cc 1/2inch (12.7 mm) needle V2955, 100 Single use syringes (10 packs).
  • Vet's Choice pet syringes are precision engineered to provide superior comfort for your pet.

    These pet insulin syringes offer:
    • ½ CC (.5ml) capacity
    • 29 gauge needle
    • 1/2" (12.7 mm) needle
    • 100 Single use syringes (10 packs of 10)
    Every Vet's Choice pet syringe offers:
    • The Vet's Choice U-40 Insulin Syringe is film coated for maximum comfort and lines up precisely for accurate readings.
    • There is no “dead space” for accurate dosage and less waste.
    • Syringes are 100% latex free and offer the same quality as Clever Choice Insulin syringes for Pets

    When choosing insulin syringes always make certain that the concentration of the insulin you are using works with the syringes you are using. The vial of insulin and packages of syringes will be clearly marked as U-40 or U-100. You never want to mix these - always use U-40 insulin with U-40 syringes and U-100 insulin with U-100 syringes.

    These syringes are to only be used with U-40 insulin. Do not sterilize or reuse syringe.

    Buy pet insulin syringes at discounted prices only at ADW Diabetes – your one-stop destination for all your diabetic supplies.
    • We may require the order of a physician for this item.
This product does not have any optional accessories.
  • Vets choice insulin syringes

    " Wow!! They are fantastic! They are very smooth and the needles are sharp ! My cat doesn’t even feel the injection! "

  • On: April 28, 2018
  • By: TLA
  • Vet's Choice U40 Syringes

    " EXCELLENT product, less expensive and high quality. No problems, no culls, they have all worked smoothly and with absolute 100% success. I HIGHLY recommend! "

  • On: December 08, 2017
  • By: Joe Campbell
  • Much better than those sold at vet's office!

    " These are twice as good and half the cost of the syringes sold by my vet. As another reviewer mentioned, these move very smoothly as you're drawing insulin into the syringe, allowing you to get just the right amount -- unlike the worse ones from my vet, which had a jerkier, inexact draw making it hard to stop at the right marking that matches my dog's dose. "

  • On: February 20, 2017
  • By: DENISE
  • Vet's Choice U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes

    " Quick service "

  • On: January 08, 2018
  • By: Peter Brown
  • Perfectly crafted syringe

    " I'm glad I found this syringe. This syringe is a very smooth draw with consistent quality. Over a month now and no yelp from my dog. I can actually administer while he's eating !! I haven't lost a drop of vetsulin with this one. The ulticare I had previously was very hercky-jercky. Some needles were so dull they barely puncutred the vial. I threw them out.I also had medicine leak from the vial while attempting to draw on the ulti care. "

  • On: January 12, 2016
  • By: JASON
  • Vets Choice U-40

    " Good. Be using for quite awhile now. "

  • On: March 02, 2018
  • By: Rebecca B
  • Vet's Choice syringes

    " Arrived quickly! Easy to use,sharp needle, easy to read. "

  • On: May 25, 2018
  • By: S
  • Glad I discovered Vet's Choice pet syringes

    " Best Syringe I have used for my cat, and I have tried a lot of brands. Easy to see the marking on the syringe and very smooth. Most importantly, no complaints from the cat who has definitely complained when shooting with some other brands. "

  • On: November 15, 2017
  • By: Karen
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