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True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets
True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets
True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets
True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets


True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets

Item #: 2129200701K7
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True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter w/500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets. All of the amazing benefits as the True Metrix blood glucose meter now with Bluetooth Smart Connectivity. The True Metrix Air coupled with the True Manager Smartphone App can make diabetes management easier for you and your health care provider.
  • TRUE Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter + 500 Test Strips & 500 Lancets features integrated wireless capability where the results are seamlessly delivered to your mobile device in seconds and provides simple tracking and insights. This empowers the user and also provides their healthcare team vital information to help find a healthier lifestyle.

    The True Metrix Blood Glucose Test Strips features advanced technologies with a complex algorithm, chemistry and electrodes. The meter and the test strip work together to produce accurate results. With True Metrix, accuracy is confidence.

    The True Metrix Lancets are single use, sterile lancets that fit most lancing devices for your convenience. These lancets are specially designed to deliver smooth skin penetration to make the lancing process more comfortable.

    True Metrix Air Meter is not compatible with iPhone 7 or earlier versions.

    TRUE Metrix Air Features:

    • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity: Wirelessly transmits glucose results to your mobile device.
    • Data Management Capabilities: 1000 test memory plus 7-, 14-, 30-, 60-, and 90- day averaging capabilities.
    • Strip Button Release: Eliminates the handling of strips after testing.
    • Elegant, Black, Soft-Touch: Soft textured meter casing makes it easy to handle.
    • Event Tagging: Advanced event tags that combine lifestyle with management. Event tags include before/after meal, exercise, sick, medications and other.
    • Triple Sense Technology: Automatically detects, analyzes and corrects variables* in each blood sample to ensure proven accuracy and confidence in results.
    • Tiny 0.5 microliter sample size.
    • Audible Fill Detection.
    • Control Detection.
    • Ketone Test Reminder.
    • Download Capabilities.
    • No Coding.
    • Contains 1 TRUE METRIX AIR Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter.

    TRUE Metrix Test Strips Features:

    • Tiny 0.5 microliter sample size.
    • Detects sample environment, sample size and control solution.
    • Analyzes environmental and physiological factors.
    • Corrects hematorit/temperature.
    • Made in USA.
    • Contains 500 TRUE METRIX Test Strips.

    TRUE Plus Lancet Features:

    • Single Use.
    • Simple-to-use twist top for quick and easy testing.
    • Comfort tip.
    • Fits most lancing devices.
    • Contains 500 TRUE PLUS 28 Gauge Lancets.

    TRUE Metrix Air Includes:

    • Installed 3 Volt Battery
    • Lancing Device
    • 10 Sterile Lancets
    • Instructions for Use
    • Self Test Log Book
    • Compact Carrying Case

    The True Metrix Air blood glucose meter can connect wirelessly to almost any SmartPhone. This meter can connect to the following iPhone iOS and Android devices.

    Apple iOS Devices:
    (iOS version 8.0 to 9.3.1)

    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5, 5c and 5s
    • iPhone 6, and 6s
    • iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus

    Android Devices:
    (OS version 4.4 to 6.0.1)

    • LG G3 and G4
    • HTC ONE and HTC ONE M8
    • Samsung Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5
    • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6
    • Motorola Droid Turbo and Moto-X

    *Please refer to the TRUE METRIX AIR Owner's manual or test strip instructions for use and more details.

    Note: Please refer to product packaging for the most up-to-date information

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