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TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented - 5/pk
TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented - 5/pk
TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented - 5/pk
TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented - 5/pk


TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented - 5/pk

by: SCA
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Item #: INC65004
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SCA Tena Unscented Pre-Moistened Bathing Glove 5/pk is a specially designed, pre-moistened bathing glove that allows for easier cleansing for the user or the care giver. These bathing gloves come packed in bags of 5 and offers minimal prep and clean-up time for the user.
  • $4.99
  • TENA Bathing Gloves were developed to better care for fragile skin, minimize cross-contamination and proved a more efficient routine for both residents and caregivers. Personal hygiene is an important part of daily resident care, however it can be challenging to perform. Even basin bathing or sponge baths at the bedside can present risks and challenges for both residents and caregivers. These bathing gloves are the caring and convenient solution for this problem and can be used as an alternative or in addition to regular baths and showers.

    Promotes Skin Health
    As the skin ages, it becomes thinner and more delicate. Many soaps can strip away natural oils, causing dryness and irritation. In addition, reusable washcloths can be rough and may damage already fragile skin.

    Reduces Cross-Contamination
    Reusable basins and reusable washcloths can harbor harmful bacteria. Because this bathing glove is disposable, it eliminates cross contamination.

    Reduces Labor
    The daily hygiene routine can be time-consuming and physically damaging for both resident and caregiver. This method of washing is less tiring for the caregiver and there is no need to clean up or do laundry afterwards!

    TENA Bathing Glove Features:

    • Gentle for Fragile Skin - features a soft material that is pre-moistened with a gentle body wash formula that is pH friendly.
    • Comfort - less tiring and physically demanding for the resident and the glove may be warmed for a more soothing experience.
    • Hygienic - because these gloves are individually packed, with each bathing glove disposed after use, there is no need to worry about cross contamination.
    • Ergonomic Grip and Handling - Two-sided glove design enables easy and hygienic cleansing of the whole body.
    • Lowers Caregiver Workload - Minimal preparation and clean up time. With these gloves there is no need for basin, water, soap, washcloths, or towels. Plus it reduces the amount of laundry to do.
    • MPN: 65004
    • Contains 5 TENA Bathing Gloves, Pre-Moistened, Unscented.

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