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SinuCleanse Saline Refill - 60 packets
SinuCleanse Saline Refill - 60 packets
SinuCleanse Saline Refill - 60 packets
SinuCleanse Saline Refill - 60 packets


SinuCleanse Saline Refill - 60 packets

by: SinuCleanse
Item #: T00114
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SinuCleanse All Natural Saline Refill 60 packets has been trusted for decades as a source of sinus relief that is safe and painless. The Neti Pot uses a saline solution to clean out and cleanse your sinuses and can help with nasal dryness, allergies, congestion, common colds, and more.
  • $16.98
  • SinuCleanse All Natural Saline Refill 60 packets contains all-natural, preservative free, ultra-fine salt granules which dissolve instantly, making nasal washing comfortable and easy. SinuCleanse products are medically proven to be save and effective. Nasal washing regularly also promotes long-term sinus health by moisturizing dry nasal passages, and aiding in the removal of nasal irritants such as dust particles, pollen and other debris. SinuCleanse keeps nasal passages clear, allowing you to breath easier..

    • Clinically proven safe and effective.
    • 100% All-Natural and Preservative Free.
    • Hypertonic or Isotonic Use.
    • Made and Assembled in the USA.
    • Contains 60 Saline Packets.

    Helps Ease The Symptoms Of:
    • Nasal Congestion.
    • Sinusitis and Rhinitis.
    • Sinus Pressure.
    • Cold and Flu.
    • Nasal Dryness.
    • Allergies.

    Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with sinusitis, cold, flu or allergies.
    • Sneezing.
    • Runny Nose.
    • Nasal Stuffiness.
    • Post Nasal drip.
    • Removes inhailed irritants (dust, pollen).
    • Promotes nasal and sinus drainage.
    • Helps reduce swelling of nasal membranes.
    • Moisturizes dry nasal passages.

    • Stop use and ask a doctor if washing is uncomfortable or symptoms are not relieved.
    • Do not use unfiltered tap water, see instructions on inside box for proper water sources.
    • Do not use if nasal passages are completely blocked or if you have an ear infection or blocked ears.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    When using this product:
    • Use by only one person.
    • Wash with soap and water after each use.
    • Top rack of dishwasher safe.
    • Do not heat in microwave.

    Other Information:
    • Inspect saline packets for integrity.
    • Do not use saline packets if open or torn.
    • Protect saline packets from excessive heat and moisture.
    • See saline packets or box for lot # and expiration date.

    Drug Facts  
    Active Ingredients (in each packet)    Purpose
    Sodium Bicarbonate USP 700 mg    Nasal Wash
    Sodium Chloride USP 2300 mg    Nasal Wash
    Inactive Ingredients  

    Please refer to product packaging for the most up-to-date information.
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