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  • Pill Pockets for Pets

    For anybody who needs to give pets medication orally, have you tried Pill Pockets?

    We used some for our cats. The staff at our animal hospital said they were reluctant to stock them, but they seem to work well.

    You put the pet's pill in a "pocket" that kind of looks like a treat.

    We had pretty good results, but I think on a long term basis, lots of pets would figure out the trick.

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    I worked at an animal hospital and we sold them very often. They worked great and now they come in different flavors. Not 100% sure though if they are ok for pets with diabetes..


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      I think it would work - the cats would think they are getting treats and they would be getting their meds at the same time.
      Sort of like mushing up kids with applesauce!


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        I got a sample of them, but my dogs aren't on any meds right now, so I can't try them out. I'm definitely not complaining! I would think they'd work beautifully, though.


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          I lately have been sticking my dog's pills in pieces of hot dog, he will gobble them up and never had any doubts so far! As an alternative one can try to make a small meatball out of canned food and stick the pill in the middle. I have found though that dogs are much easier to trick than cats.


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            We have had fantastic success using pill pockets. Over the years we have had to give medication to Dutch for multiple reasons. The pill pocket is so much easier and cleaner than trying to hide it in his food. He likes the beef flavor the best!