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Omnipod Insulin Pump & Accessories

Managing your diabetes shouldn't be a hassle. With Omnipod supplies, you get the monitoring you need with an easy-to-use solution. Made with a focus on delivering accurate results using the latest technology, this diabetes pod system makes daily management easier than ever while giving more confidence in the results. Shop now!

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  1. Omnipod Pods For The Omnipod System 10/bx - OM14000 thumbnail
    Omnipod Pods For The Omnipod System 10/bx - OM14000
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    Omnipod Starter Kit - OM14603
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  3. Omnipod Dash Pods for the Omnipod Dash System Box of 5 thumbnail
    Omnipod Dash Pods for the Omnipod Dash System Box of 5
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Easy and Effective

The Omnipod system is used by people with type 1 diabetes to better manage and monitor blood glucose levels. The starter kit includes all the Omnipod accessories you need, including a PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) that's used to wirelessly communicate to the pod, which is adhered to the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using an Omnipod insulin pump?

  • The only wireless insulin pump that doesn't require the user to be attached to their pump or PDM.
  • 72 hours of use per Pod.
  • Ability to swim, shower, and be physical without having to disconnect from the pump.
  • Can be worn in multiple places including the back of the arm, abdomen, and lower back.
  • The PDM has a built-in blood glucose monitor, using FreeStyle test strips to obtain glucose testing results.

What steps should I take before using the Omnipod system?

Before you begin using the Omnipod system, you'll need to complete the proper training on how to use the Omnipod insulin pump and accessories from your diabetes management team. They'll advise you on the best way to use your new Omnipod supplies based on your individual needs on matters such as where to apply the Pods, settings, and features.

How does the Omnipod system work?

  • First, the diabetes Pod is filled.
  • The Pod is then secured to the site. Each Pod has a latex-free adhesive backing to keep the Pod in place for 72 hours.
  • Press the start button on the PDM system. The cannula inserts automatically, and the Pod and PDM connect wirelessly to each other.

How close do the Pod and PDM need to be to communicate?

Activating the Omnipod insulin pump requires that the Pod and PDM are touching. After activation, the Pod and PDM can be up to 5 feet apart when delivering a bolus, checking the status of the pod, or adjusting your basal program. Basal insulin delivery doesn't require the Pod and PDM to be close to each other.

What types of insulin can I use with the Omnipod system?

The Omnipod system is intended for use with U-100 rapid-acting insulin. Some analogs that have been tested and shown to be safe to use with the Omnipod system include Novolog®, Apidra®, Lyumjev™, Humalog®, Admelog®, and Fiasp®.

How much insulin can the Omnipod insulin pump system hold?

In order to begin working, the Pod must have at least 85 units of insulin. Each diabetes Pod can hold up to 200 units.

How often do I need to change Pods?

Pods are designed to be worn for 72 hours (3 days). However, a health care professional can recommend personalized guidance on how often you should refresh your Omnipod supplies.

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