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Coloplast - Page 7

Coloplast - Page 7

Coloplast is an international company that works towards the goal of making life easier for people that have intimate medical conditions including ostomy care, urological care, continence care, wound care, and skin care. Coloplast takes great efforts to meet with people that need their products to better understand what they require so they can lead a normal life and not be brought down by their personal medical issues. Coloplast is constantly developing new technologies to help make their products as easy to use as possible for people that may struggle to do things on their own.

Within all areas of the Coloplast product line, Coloplast has designed products that offer convenience and ease while also providing the user the ability to remain discreet with their medical issue. From the development of specialized materials, the distribution of their products in multiple sizes, the removal of latex and other irritating compounds, and convenience packaging, Coloplast is a brand that puts the customer and their personal concerns at the forefront.


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