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Arkray Test Strips & More

Arkray is the epitome of high-quality diabetes management tools. If you're seeking high-quality test strips, safety lancets, and glucometers, Arkray is a brand you can trust. Arkray has been leading the market for over 50 years, specifically in the development and design of innovative products. They even pioneered the first-ever hand-held blood glucose monitor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to shop Arkray test strips and experience their exceptional quality and reliability at affordable prices today!

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    Arkray GlucoCard 01 Sensor Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Count
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    Arkray GlucoCard 01 Sensor Test Strips Case of 12 Boxes
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A History of Arkray: A Revolutionary Company

Founded in Japan in 1960 with the premise of developing quality medical diagnostic products, Arkray continues their commitment to researching and developing high-quality and affordable products for diabetes testing, including Arkray test strips, safety lancets, and glucometers.

Arkray revolutionized diabetes management devices in 1970 with the release of their Eyetone meter. This diabetes meter received international awards for its advancements in technology. In 1978, Arkray released their Dextrometer blood glucose meter with a built-in microcomputer that could store historical test results.

While other brands might be satisfied to rest on their laurels, this innovative force kept forging ahead. In 1991, Arkray released their first blood glucose monitor for at-home testing. The Glucocard allowed patients to test their blood from home and then share their results with their doctors during office visits. Like Arkray test strips, the convenience of at-home glucose testing with the Glucocard allowed for patients to decipher their daily testing results and then review them with their physician so changes could be made to their treatment plan with the goal that their diabetes was being managed as best as it could be.

Boasting large LCD screens, glucometers by Arkray offer a vibrant display that's easy to read. All of their high-performing meters feature prior testing memory so you can go back and review and share prior test results with ease. Their meters feature auto-code technology so there are no extra steps required when opening a new vial of Arkray test strips for the first time.

The Glucocard meter offers alternate site testing options which can make testing more comfortable, while the Vital meter can provide your testing results in as few as six seconds. The Arkray Expression meter has the ability to audibly provide your testing results, and it can do so in English or Spanish.

In 2008, this innovative manufacturer introduced the Glucocard mini line of glucose meters. This new addition to their at-home glucose monitors was designed to be compact and discreet yet still provide the patient with quality testing results while remaining affordable.

Arkray / Hypoguard

Arkray USA (Hypoguard) develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices for use by patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, including Arkray test strips, blood glucose monitoring systems, safety lancets, and urine-testing equipment. Each year, Arkray USA invests millions of dollars in research for product development, providing its customers with innovative products that are safer and more convenient.

The Advance Micro-Draw glucometer by Arkray provides plasma-referenced results, making it easier for you and your doctor to compare your results with those taken at a laboratory. Included in the kit is everything you need to use the device right away: the monitor, test strips, control solution, a lancing device and lancets, and even a logbook to track your readings over the long term. In addition to the complete kit, you may also purchase additional Advance Micro-Draw Arkray test strips for testing blood glucose.

If you prefer, you may record your readings on the monitor itself - up to 250 readings may be stored, showing the date and time of each test. Results may be downloaded onto your home computer, too, to help you manage your diabetes care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety precautions should I take when using test strips?

  • Always use your test strips directly after removing them from the bottle.
  • If a test strip is damaged or wet, discard it.
  • Write down the date the bottle was opened on the bottle's label. Discard any unused test strips after three months.

Do Arkray test strips expire, and how should I store them?

Before using test strips, always check the expiration date. If a test strip is expired, throw it away. Store your test strips in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

What types of memory features does the Arkray Glucocard blood glucose meter have?

The Glucocard glucometer by Arkray can store up to 300 test and control results automatically, including the corresponding times and dates. Additionally, the unit can provide averaging across 7, 14, and 30 days so you can accurately track trends and changes in your blood glucose levels.

How do I take care of my Arkray Glucocard glucose meter?

  • Avoid cleaning the part that holds your Arkray test strips.
  • Avoid contaminating the test strip holder with a control solution or blood.
  • Avoid using household cleaners on the meter.
  • Avoid getting the meter wet on the inside or outside.
  • Be careful when handling the meter, as dropping it could damage the electronics inside.

Save on Arkray Diabetes Supplies

ADW Diabetes offers a complete product line-up of Arkray diabetes testing supplies. Similar to Arkray, ADW has the goal of making diabetes testing easy and affordable for anyone. With this in mind, we've bundled Arkray products in special value packs with various combinations of testing supplies, including bundles with Arkray test strips and the Glucocard glucometer by Arkray at even better pricing.

Arkray's continued approach to high-quality and cost-effective products has resulted in them being a trusted and respected name in the blood glucose monitoring category, which is evident in our inventory of solutions. Whether you're looking for a complete bundle or a replacement pack of test strips, we have you covered with affordable options from one of the most trusted names in the market for diabetes care.

We invite you to join our Auto-Ship Program so you can have your discount diabetic supplies delivered on a consistent schedule. You can also order Arkray test strips, glucometers, safety lancets, and other essentials, as well as other products from top medical supply brands online, using our convenient diabetes app. Shop our selection of Arkray products now, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $89!

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