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Bayer Healthcare Products

Bayer HealthCare Products

For more than sixty years, Bayer HealthCare has been developing technology to make the process of monitoring blood glucose levels easier for both the patient while at home and for the doctor in the office.

In 1956 Bayer produced a urine dipstick that was able to detect glucose found in urine. Prior to the ability to test blood for excess amounts of glucose in blood, urine was the preferred method used by doctors to check a patient for diabetes.

In 1981, Bayer produced the Glucometer – the first meter designed for at-home glucose monitoring to be done by the patient. This meter allowed for the patient to manage their diabetes from home and used a color-coding system to indicate the level of glucose found in the blood, similar to how the urine dipsticks reported the glucose levels found in urine.

Today, Bayer is a leader in the technology of blood glucose monitoring and they have rolled their technology into easy-to-use, convenient, and compact meters. Their meters require a very small blood sample size making the process of obtaining samples relatively quick and painless. Each of the meters in the Bayer product line can be downloaded so the historical testing results can be shared between patient and doctor during office visits. This technology allows for both the patient and doctor to be able to translate the historical results together and ultimately gives the doctor the best indication of how the patient is responding to their diabetes treatment.

Some of the neat and new advancements that Bayer has rolled into its glucose meter product line include: test strip discs that can hold 10 strips at a time, built-in USB connection port, programmable alerts, and more.

In addition to glucose meters, Bayer has also developed an A1C at-home testing kit that allows the patient the ability to review and manage their A1C levels without having to make appointments for the test to be done in a laboratory. The A1C kit provides results in 5 minutes and includes everything necessary to perform a successful test at home. The kits come in convenient 1, 2, and 10-packs.

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