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    Hello; I first posted on may 08.asking about places to use a glucometer. Unfortunaly, this past Tuesday August 5, I had to make the most difficult and sad decision of my life ; to put my baby to sleep. On friday he got into heart failure,so he was given an extra dosis of lasix, over the weekend his kidneys were already damaged somehow, so he started drinking lots of water due to dehydration, still his glucose sugar was showing negative or low; for what I was told, his body wasn't absorbing the insuline,he stopped eating and by the time I got to the e.r. he was very sick, he was strugling to breath, so he was place on oxigen, then I am told his sugar was over 800, he needded to get fluids, inmediatly , but the bad news , his heart was to damage already and was not going to survive, we were going to lose him.I feel guilty, I keep thinking that I killed my little baby, that I shouldn't have allow the vet to give him that extra dosis of lasix, and yet follow her directions of increase the pill over the weekend, to make things worse, none of the doctors that were treating him , were at their offices on Monday, so I had to wait one more day to get to see someone and when I did it was to late. I think I left him down when he needed me the most. I am so depressed, so sad, I miss my baby so much,more than any thing I feel i make him suffer unnecesary...

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.


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      Im also sorry, I know what it feels like to loose a loved one.