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    Would anyone like to share their tips for losing weight?
    Here's mine.......
    Bulk up with low calorie, low carbohydrate foods known as VEGETABLES!! I'm not talking about starchy ones like corn, peas, beans or potatoes but rather spinach, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. These vegetables (non-starchy) have 1/3 fewer calories and carbohydrates than the starchy versions. You can still eat the potatoes, however, emphasize the non-starchy ones!
    Try to drink some water or low-sodium V8 juice prior to eating.
    Encourage healthier eating by learning how to make lower calorie foods taste great! For example: I absolutely LOVE creammed spinach. Instead of all that saturated, artery clogging, cholesterol increasing fat....I take some fat free or low fat/low sodium mozzarella cheese and add it, along with some diced tomatoes, to my spinach. Or I sautee vegetables or add chicken or other low sodium broth for flavor. Think spices! My newest favorite is roasting vegetables with a bit of butter spray and lemon pepper on top!