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Terumo Insulin Syringes

Terumo Medical Corporation has been in business since 1921. The company started as a manufacturer of thermometers and then escalated to more advanced medical equipment such as blood collection and management systems and hollow-fiber technology. In 1985, Terumo began the production and distribution of insulin syringes in the United States.

Today, Terumo offers one of the most well recognized lines of insulin syringes in the US. Having options available in 3/10cc, 1/2cc, and 1cc, Terumo insulin syringes are able to help the patient accurately receive their proper dose during each and every injection. The barrel of each Terumo syringe is lubricated on the inside which allows for a smooth injection and less resistance as the plunger glides up and down the barrel of the syringe. The Terumo insulin syringe product line offers needles within the range of 28-31 gauge.

All Terumo syringes are individually wrapped ensuring their sterility. Each syringe also offers bold barrel markings that allows for more accurate measuring of each dose of insulin.

All Terumo insulin syringes are latex-free.

American Diabetes Wholesale carries the complete line of Terumo insulin syringes. Each model of syringe is available for sale in single boxes of 100 or in a 5-box case which is discounted to help save the patient more money.

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