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Teco BUN Whole Blood Test Strips For Cats & Dogs Pack of 3

by: Teco
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Teco BUN Whole Blood Test Strips For Cats & Dogs Pack of 3
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  1. Teco Vet BUN Whole Blood Test Strips For Cats & Dogs 50/bx Pack of 3 - Pet Urine Strips

    The Teco Vet BUN Whole Blood Test Strips For Cats & Dogs 50/bx Pack of 3 is used for the determination of urea nitrogen in whole blood. The determination of blood urea nitrogen is an important index of kidney function. This procedure is a quick, convenient way to semi-quantitatively approximate blood Urea Nitrogen levels in whole blood. VET-BUN Reagent strips utilize patent pending enhancers yielding superior accuracy and precision.


    • One bottle containing 50 strips of VET-BUN Reagent Strips.
    • A color chart for reading test results is printed on the bottle label.

    Warnings and Precautions:

    • For in vitro diagnostic use only.
    • Urease and BTB indicators not be ingested.
    • Reagents may be irritating to the skin. Avoid contact.
    • Whole Blood specimens should be considered infectious and handled appropriately.

    Storage and Handling:

    NOTE: All warnings, precautions, and proper storage procedures must be followed to avoid deterioration of VET-BUN reagent strips.
    • Store bottle at temperatures between 15 - 30 degrees C (59 - 89 degrees F) and out of direct sunlight.
    • All unused strips must store in original bottle. Do not transfer to any other container.
    • Do not remove the white packet (desiccants) from bottle. Replace cap quickly and tightly after use.
    • Do not touch test areas of the strip.
    • Protect against exposure to light, moisture, and heat which will alter reagent activity.

    Specimen Collection: A large drop of capillary or venous blood is necessary to completely cover reagent area. Anticoagulants, with the exception of those containing fluoride or ammonium salts, will not affect test result. Specimen must be applied to strip at room temperature. These strips are not intended for use with serum or plasma.


    1. Remove from the bottle only enough strips for immediate use and replace cap tightly.
    2. Apply a large drop of venous or capillary blood to completely cover reagent pad.
    3. Wait exactly 90 seconds, wash off blood from strip with a sharp stream of water from the wash bottle, for 1 to 2 seconds.
    4. Immediately after washing, compare pad to color chart and record result. Care must be taken to read results before colors fade.

    Results: Results are given directly in mg urea nitrogen /dL on color chart. To convert to mg urea / dL multiply urea nitrogen value by 2.14. Normal values for BUN vary between species and should be verified by laboratory determined normal range values.

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