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Medtronic Minimed Silhouette 10 Cannula & 5 Tubing 60cm 23" MMT374

Medtronic Minimed Silhouette 10 Cannula & 5 Tubing 60cm 23
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  1. Medtronic Minimed Silhouette 10 Cannula & 5 Tubing 60cm 23" MMT374 - Insulin Pump Supplies: Infusion Set

    The Minimed Silhouette 10 Cannula & 5 Tubing Combo Sets 60cm 23in - offers the convenience of self-adhesive (no overtaping) and the option to choose your insertion depth.

    • 23" (60 cm) tubing with 17 mm cannula
    • Variable (usually 35 degrees) insertion angle
    • At-site disconnect
    • An insertion device
    • A soft, tapered cannula
    Silhoutte™ Combo Set - 10 cannula / 5 tubing sets
    MMT-372 - 43" (110 cm) tubing with 17 mm cannula
    MMT-374 - 23" (60 cm) tubing with 17 mm cannula
    This is the Combo Set. The box contains 10 sites and 5 tubing.

    With a variable-angle (35 degrees) cannula, the Silhouette infusion set is generally good for extra lean adults or even some children who have less depth to their body fat in which to place the cannula.

    The comfort of an angled insertion with the convenience of disconnecting at the infusion site. All in a discrete, low-profile design. The Silhouette works with the Sil-Serter to provide optimal insertion every time!
    Physician Order: This item requires a physician order, please provide your physician's information during checkout. At this time we are unable to ship this product to North Dakota.
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    MiniMed MMT-385 Silhouette SilSerter
    MiniMed Silhouette Sil-Serter (MMT-385) System is designed for use with the Silhouette infusion set. Designed to insert the Sil-set infusion set at the press of a button, making insertions quick, easy and pain free.
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