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Iams Veterinary Formula Canine Renal Plus 5.5lb bag

by: Iams
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Iams Veterinary Formula Canine Renal Plus 5.5lb bag
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  1. Iams Veterinary Formula Canine Renal Plus 5.5lb bag - Pet Care: Pet Food

    Renal - Early Stage is designed to address the nutritional needs of your dog once kidney problems have been identified by your veterinarian. It provides optimum protein levels to help maintain body condition, muscular mass, and immune and organ function. There are special ingredients to minimize wastes building up in the bloodstream. It has reduced phosphorus levels to help slow the progression of renal damage. Your veterinarian can explain how the formulas may help and which one is right for your dog.

    How can the Renal Management System help? Nutrition plays a critical role in managing the clinical signs and progression of kidney problems. Iams® Veterinary Formulas Renal -Early Stage/Canine nutritionally manage progression with:

    • Patented Nitrogen Trap Fiber System, which diverts the waste products of protein metabolism from the bloodstream into the colon, thereby reducing the workload on the failing kidneys. This allows for optimal protein intake to maintain muscle mass, immune system, and glomerular filtration (filtering of fluids through the kidneys).
    • Omega-6:Omega-3 fatty acid ratio targeting 5:1, which helps reduce intrarenal blood pressure (canine), helps minimize inflammation (canine), and helps slow progression.
    • Potassium citrate to counter the effects of metabolic acidosis (a condition in which the pH of the blood is too acidic), which occurs when the kidneys lose ability to filter waste products from the bloodstream.
    • Reduced phosphorous content compared with that in many maintenance diets. Dietary phosphorous is essential for cell structure/function and bone development in dogs and cats. However, in animals with kidney problems, phosphorous levels are often abnormally high. Phosphorus is believed to play a role in the progression of kidney problems in dogs and cats.

    This offer is for the 5.5lb bag.

    Physician Order: This item requires a physician order, please provide your physician's information during checkout. At this time we are unable to ship this product to North Dakota.
    Special Handling:This item is a special order product that requires up to 5 days for processing. Expedited shipping is not available for this item.
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