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Genesis Today Protein100 Liquid Protein Dietary Supplement 32oz

Genesis Today - Protein100 - Liquid Protein Dietary Supplement - 32 oz.
ADW SKU: 8344800063
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  1. Genesis Today Protein 100 Supplement - Dietary Supplements

    Protein100 is The World's 1st 100% Pure Liquid Protein Dietary Supplement that contains:
    • 15 grams of Genesis Today's Proprietary Protein Blend in every 1 fl. oz. serving
    • 480 grams of Pure Liquid Protein in every bottle!
    • A Complete Source of Protein containing all 20 Amino Acids (Essential & Non-Essential)
    • An Easy to Digest Protein Source that is High in Di & Tri-Peptides Amino Acids
    • Naturally High levels of Glutamine which Supports Recovery and Immune Function*
    • Naturally High levels of Arginine which Supports Cardiovascular Health*
    PROTEIN100 Supports:
    • Individual Daily Protein Intake Needs (D.P.I.N)*
    • Joint Health*
    • Skeletal & Muscular System Health*
    • Skin, Hair & Nail Health*
    • Elasticity of Tendons & Ligaments*
    • Muscular Recovery*
    • Healthy Weight Control*
    • Healthy Immune System Function*
    More Benefits of PROTEIN100:
    • Bioavailable Liquid
    • Hypo-Allergenic**
    • Fat Free, Sugar Free & Lactose Free
    • Does not contain additional Free Form Amino Acids which may compete or disrupt the "natural" complete protein source
    • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
    • No excipients, binders or flow agents
    • Rich in Di- and Tri- peptides for easy absorption
    • Contains a Proprietary Blend of:
      - Low Molecular Weight Collagen Hydrolysate
      - Low Molecular Weight Casein Hydrolysate (PeptoPro**)
    Genesis Today Protein100 Full Label Description (PDF 500KB)

    **Contains milk derived ingredients.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  2. Genesis Today - Acai 100
    Genesis Today Acai100 - 100% PURE Wild Harvested Acai Berry Juice! NO added fruit juices, sweeteners, sugars, preservatives, water or anything! Made from the whole Acai Berry, including the Epicarp (the dark purple/black skin), the Mesocarp (the pulpy meat) & the Endocarp (the seed). 30,000 mg of pure Acai Berry Juice in every 1 fl.oz. serving. Bottle of 32 fl. oz.
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    Genesis Today Power4 is the World's 1st 100% Pure GOJI Berry, ACAI Berry, NONI Fruit & MANGOSTEEN Fruit Juice Liquid Dietary Supplement that contains Genesis Today's Proprietary Juice Blend from the World's most therapeutic and healthy fruits. Bottle of 32 fl. oz.
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    Genesis Today - Noni 100 - 100% Noni Juice - 32oz
    Genesis Today - 100% Pure, Aged Wild Harvested Noni Juice. 100% Noni Juice Liquid Dietary Supplement. Pure Juice from Morinda citrifolia fruit. Not from concentrate. No additives.
  3. Editorial Review

    Roberta Kleinman, RN, M.Ed., CDE 7/21/2011 9:05:05 AM
    Protein is found in almost all parts of our body including skin, hair, muscles and bones. Protein helps repair and grow muscle especially after exercise. Genesis Today Liquid Supplement is an excellent addition of protein that is free of anything artificial, easy to digest, and high in glutamine for a well functioning immune system and arginine for complete cardiovascular health. Your diet should include between 20%-30% of protein daily. Too much daily protein can effect kidney function.

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