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Ascensia Contour TS Control Solution - High

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Ascensia Contour TS Control Solution - High
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  1. Ascensia Contour TS Control Solution - High - Testing Accessories: Glucose Control Solution

    Ascensia is "THE NEW FACE of glucose meter" Package contains - High - 1x2.5 mL Vial. For use with Ascensia Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter System. For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

    Control Tests should be performed:
    • Monthly
    • With each new vial of test strips
    • When you change your batteries
    • If you suspect the meter is malfunctioning

    To perform a control test:

    1. Apply a drop of control solution to the test strip instead of a drop of blood
    2. Compare the results to the control range (you can find the range on the side of the vial of test strips)
    3. If the results are inside the range printed on the vial, your meter is functioning correctly.
    4. If the results are outside the range, you should call the manufacturer of your meter immediately.
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