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Securitee Blanket Vial Protector
Securitee Blanket Vial Protector
Securitee Blanket Vial Protector
Securitee Blanket Vial Protector



Securitee Blanket Vial Protector

by: Miscellaneous
Item #: 110000002
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Securitee Blanket vial protector makes it easier and more comfortable to grip a vial by increasing the circumference without adding excess weight or bulk.
  • The Securitee Blanket offers some protection when transporting your vial, but unfortunately, once removed, the vial can be easily dropped or broken. If it falls, seeing the clear glass on the floor may be difficult for those with weak vision. If it breaks or cracks, it must be replaced. This can prove to be costly. Securitee Blanket by Regato Enterprises makes your vial more visible and helps protect it from possible breakage. It also creates more grip, reducing the chances of dropping a vial. Available in 2 sizes so regardless of which type of insulin you use, there is a sleeve that will fit your vial. Available in Blue, Green, and Pink.

    • Allows a more secure grip on vial
    • Light weight and comfortable to hold
    • Easy insertion & removal of vial
    • Helps protect vial if dropped
    • Reusable
    • Colors make it easy to find
    • 1 reusable Securitee Blanket
    Size Suggestions:
    • Short Blanket for Vials of Humulin, Humalog, Novolin and Novolog
    • Tall Blanket for Vials of Lantus, Apidra and Levimer
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