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T:Flex Insulin Pump System
T:Flex Insulin Pump System
T:Flex Insulin Pump System
T:Flex Insulin Pump System



T:Flex Insulin Pump System

by: Tandem Diabetes Care
Item #: TN005365
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Tandem Diabetes T:Flex Insulin Delivery Pump System is a new insulin pump that offers more freedom for people with diabetes due to its ability to hold a larger capacity of insulin. The t:flex pump offers similar benefits to the t:slim pump such as color touch screen, rechargeable battery, and more.
  • Tandem Diabetes T:Flex Insulin Delivery Pump System convenient and easy to use, the t:flex insulin pump just fits. It is designed to help make your day-to-day insulin management as simple as possible by giving you more freedom and flexibility than you get with injections. The t:flex pump is small and discreet, but has enough capacity to meet your daily insulin needs!


    • Fewer Injections, More Freedom: Needles are a pain, but with t:flex you don thave to contantly inturrupt your day for injections, because you only change your infusion set every 2-3 days!
    • So Small, So Discreet: The t:flex pump is very small and slim. It looks more like a smart phone than a medical device, so it's easy to use it in public without drawing attention!
    • So much More: Don't let the small size of the t:flex Pump fool you. This little pump has the largest insulin capacity of any available pump - up to 480 units. This means you can get up to 3 days* of insulin delivery with fewer caridge changes than with other pumps.
    • Dosing Made Simple: Insulin pumps eliminate the need for muliple daily injections of different kinds of insulin, which means you have one less thing to remember. Using the simple color touch screen, you can personalize your t:flex pump to deliver a steady amount of insulin to meet your changing needs throughout the day and night (basal delievery), and also use the pump to deliver your insulin at mealtime (bolus delivery).
    • Feel Safe: The t:flex pump was designed with your safety in mind. The touch screen safety lock guards against unintended use. Plus the innovative Micro-Delivery technology prevents your pump from unintentionally delivering insulin from the reservoir.
    • Secure and Built to Last: This insulin pump is ultra-strong - the aluminum case is very durable and light. The touch screen is made of high-grade, shatter-resistant glass, guaranteed to last for four years. Plus, the t:flex pump is watertight, so you dont have to worry about accidentally getting it wet.
    • Touch Simplicity: Touch screen technology makes the t:flex pump simple to learn and simple to use. The bright color touch screen lets you quickly deliver insulin and view your settings so whether you are new to pump therapy or experienced, the t:flex pump is designed for you!
    • So Complete: The t:flex pump comes with the t:connect Diabetes Management Application - a state-of-the-art Mac and PC compatible data management software that provides t:flex pump users and their healthcare providers a fast, easy, and visual way to display their data from their pump and supported blood gluclose meter.
    *Depending on individual needs and brand of insulin used.

    All tandom pumps feature a number of unique innovations such as Micro Delivery Technology, a rechargable battery, and an integrated micro-USB port for easy, convenient charging and fast data transferes when uploading your pump to the t:connect Diabetes Managment Application.

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