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Omron Healthcare, Inc.

Omron Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, pedometers, nebulizers, and other electronic wellness products. Omron's goal is to provide consumers with high quality products to be used at home that can allow them to track aspects of their personal health on a daily basis. Several of Omron's products can be downloaded to a computer with Omron's software program which allows the consumer the ability to track their progress over time and easily share with their healthcare provider.

Omron Healthcare was the first company to introduce at-home manual and digital blood pressure monitors. With supreme accuracy, the Omron line of blood pressure monitors is recommended by doctors to their patients for continuous at-home monitoring. Between their manual and electronic models, along with both wrist and arm models, Omron offers a variety of monitors designed to suit beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

Omron understands the need for high quality and durable fitness meters. Their line of heart rate monitors and pedometers are built to perform and provide accurate data quickly. Omron's line of pedometers features built-in technology that allows for the device to be held at many angles and positions eliminating the potential for inaccurate results. Similar to their blood pressure product line, many of Omron's heart rate monitors and pedometers can be downloaded allowing the user's data to be stored so their performance can be assessed over time.

The Omron nebulizer product line covers all aspects of delivering medication quickly and effectively to the patient. From their entry level models to their advanced and portable units, Omron has developed a functional system that delivers medication in a speedy manner.

ADW Diabetes® offers the full line of Omron Healthcare products. From blood pressure monitors to pedometers and heart rate monitors, ADW focuses on providing high quality reputable home healthcare products at affordable prices.

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